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  1. Here's the idea:

    Pick one new album. Describe it briefly. Discuss why you like it. Provide links to reviews if you think they'd be helpful. Basically, make it easy for the people who read your post to learn about the album.

    Don't list a bunch of albums in a single post. Make it reader-friendly.

    I'll start:

    The Dirty Projectors - Bitter Orca

    I'll start by saying that I'm a big fan of grandiose vocal arrangements and relatively unique song structures. Dave Longstreth is a Yale drop out, though, so his compositions might seem a bit pretentious for some. The previous DP releases were far less accessible; this album is an obvious improvement, and I think most people who are fans of indie rock will enjoy it. There's instrumental virtuosity, but the attention to detail during production, particularly with regard to the vocals, stands out more than anything else.

    Songs to get you going: The Bride, Remade Horizon

    Pitchfork Review
  2. Enter Shikari - Common Dreads

    Upbeat, political, trancecore with catchy riffs, and unexpected twists. By far my favorite band, seen them live twice and can't wait to go again, really know how to get the crowd going! This album is much more mature than last, but just as striking.

    Common Dreads - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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