new advertisment for the revlon 12 hour all day wear lipstick

Discussion in 'General' started by highawatha, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. they should show a small child all painted up all over her face (the shit does look like paint ya know) then they could add the line "hey mommy look ima clown" 12 hours my butt, it took 24 hours for it to come of her "lip area" and 48 hours and alot of scrubbing to get it off the rest of her face, and theres still some on her nose, i just cant scrub that little face anymore.
    needless to say i threw it away.....
  2. that's the reason for the fuck off. I hate that shit. It stays there and you feel it. You feel a thick coating of shit on your lips.

    I can so see why you hate it though!!!!! :D Poor, Higha!!!
  3. lol that's pretty funny. It'll eventually come off and you'll laugh about it. At least you know that shit works.
  4. i had to take the poor child to the grocery store today im sure a few people thought i mighta beat my child, she still had more on her face around her eyes even than i first thought.....
    aaah that crap does suck and dries out yuur lips no mattter what they say, and besisedes it was an ugly color.

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