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Discussion in 'General' started by Superjoint, Oct 21, 2002.

  1. gravy...simply gravy
  2. Sticky Threads:

    theres a stat that apparently keeps track of sticky threads..and it says 0. I beg to differ. i think theres a niche in the matrix.
  3. gravy is never simple

    (what kind is it btw?)
  4. Whoa...that's pretty nifty, Super J!!!!!
  5. Pretty damn cool. I like.
  6. That went into my favs folder..interesting stuff
  7. sweeeeet, my post i made a long time ago is numero 2 for most replies, thanx everyone!
  8. very cool. =)

  9. yeah i seen that yesterday but i didn't find this thread until... today. Its pretty cool, i like it, keep up the kick ass work.
  10. this place is so cool
    i also noticed it the first day it was up

    but just saw this thread!
  11. hey superjoint, got a lil suggestion. Make it so that if u click on the subject (exmp- Top 10 posters in the Last Month), u get to see a full list. Something like how it is in the member directory. Jus a lil suggestion, and I dunno how hard it will be.
  12. That is really cool. I made the top 10 posters in the last 24 hours list! :D WOOWOO

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