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Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by Steveboos, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Hey everyone just wanted to post my piece on here see if you guys like it. This bong has currently put 3 SEASONED smokers on their asses. Me personally (smoking for about 5 years every day), then 2 other friends who have been smoking for about 40 years combined, we all were thrown under the bus and just destroyed us all. Tell me if you like it or if it looks weird with the colored ash catcher. I wanted a clear one, but this one was cheap and 50%, but handmade!

    LUX Scientific 14" Mini Beaker with 5-Tree diffuser. Kelly Glass Inline Doorknob Ashcatcher, Carbon Filter, and to top it off a RooR extended slide!.

  2. got the same bong. love it. i put my hops inline on it and i didnt like it so i would prolly do without the china inline. either way good bong and +Rep
  3. You know its funny you say that cause right now i'm in the process of trying to find a sherlock piece to it cause sometimes it just is TOO crucial especially in the morning. I want to use the inline separately. The hunt continues!
  4. damn thats badass, dosent LUX make some form of legal bud?
  5. Im not sure if they make a legal bud, i only stick to non-legal bud. Yeah i love this thing even though its crucial and you can barely move afterward.

    Oh yeah Carbon filters are a MUST. YOU HAVE TO GET ONE! My piece never gets dirty any more, i just clean it ever few days now instead of every day. It keeps your piece really really clean and you can taste the herb better.
  6. way sick! I love seein new percs :hello:

    Why are roor bowls so damn long? Any reason behind it?

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