New Across Five Aprils Song Up!!!

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  1. this is copied from a5a's bulletin on myspace. these guys are really good friends of mine, so check them out!

    We've been waiting for a while to do this. Here is our gift to you: a new song off of the upcoming album entitled COLLAPSE--due out June 11th, 2006. We're asking everyone to make it their default song on their page and to help us promote this as much as possiable. It's amazing fans like yourselves who have helped on a grassroots level, and thru word of mouth and myspaces, journals, and blogging communities, establish us as what we are today. hah SO SPREAD THE WORD!!

    Also, our video for the second released track off of COLLAPSE, "Let's Wisper" will be out soon for all of your viewing pleasure. If you havent seen the hillarious trailor for it, hit up right here. (props to Andy p.s. for being such a gread dude/director)

    We updated our tour list too!! west coast, keep a lookout. stuff is being booked as i <s>speak</s>...type.

    yeah....we're keeping busy.

    okay, okay.
    Check out the new jams. Love it. Give us some feedback.

    Jarrod and A5A

  2. i didnt know these guys were still around...i thought thier last album sucked it up big time but the one before was awesome

    gonna check out the new album for sounds alot better
  3. yeah they took a little hiatus to find a new vocalist and stuff, but they are back, and touring constantly. i've heard the tracks off of the new album, and it's bad ass! haha keep an eye out for their music video too, i'm in it!

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