New 7th floor black/yellow SSV *pictures*

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  1. The best purchase I have ever made when it comes to cannabis

    TL;DR:purchased a SSV, Loved it.

    Well fellow blades, I'm now an honorary surfer ;)
    Last friday I decided I would spend the extra bit of cash and buy myself a quality vaporizer. I had done enough research already to know what type I wanted and built by who. I knew not to believe the hype about the volcano (the price isn't worth it) I wanted a whip vape. Either the DBV or the SSV. I thought why the hell not and spent the extra for the amazing Silver surfer.
    I paid 305$ in total (shipping included) for a Black SSV in Canada.
    The supplier also included the hands free kit for free!
    3 year warranty which comes with it aswell. (I knew to buy from a trusted supplier rather than amazon or ebay as I would not have a warranty that way)

    It shipped out this monday evening and arrived this morning :)

    Opened the box up and was really impressed by the quality of the carrying case right off the bat. Very thick and well paded and has a nice colour.

    As soon as I unzipped the bag I was struck by the yellow colour of my base aswell as the brightly coloured glass pieces. I fell in love :smoke:

    Plugged it in and turned it on full blast as to burn the oils off as I went through the rest of the bag and read through all of the included papers.

    For the first bowl of the day and first bowl out of the SSV. I decided to smoke on some very nice Blueberry diesel. I ground up about .3-.4 of the bud and proceeded to vacuum it up into the wand.

    Waited a bit longer for the oils to burn off or whatever (waited around 20 minutes, they say 10 on the manual)
    Then I switched it off, waited for it to cool down and then turned it back on and put it in the 12:30 ish clock position. and proceeded to take my very first hit. I did taste the flavour of the bud a tiny bit.

    After a few more hits. I'm really enjoying the flavour and I notice vapour coming out of my mouth. This bowl lasted me a good 40-50 minutes. Such a small amount and such a great high and superb flavour.
    After every 2 hits I stirred the bowl as to get an even flow of air through the plant material

    Three quarters through the bowl I turn the knob up a bit to the 2 o clock and proceed to finish the bowl. I still think there is some left in it actually hah.

    I suggest to anyone who wants a quality vape and doesn't mind spending the money. Buy an SSV. You will NOT be dissapointed the slightest.

    5/5 All around magnificent piece of vaping hardware

    The Carrying Case

    The glass pokey

    The wand after my first session

    The SSV from the front

    The orange/red/yellow heating cover

    The knob from the left

    The knob from the top

    The knob from the right

    The knob from the bottom

    I really hope everyone enjoyed my review of the SSV

    Please share your thoughts :)

  2. Looks awesome man. Unfortunately I don't have the ability to get a desktop so my Arizer Solo has been doing the job.

    The option of having customized glass looks pretty nice. Top notch piece.
  3. Nice SSV dude, I love it. Especially the bag. 7th floor for life
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    Nice SSV, loving the bag man. I thought I'd show you some pics of mine since they are kind of similar

    View attachment 942575

    View attachment 942577

    Mine is GG. It is my favorite weed-related purchase too, I Love Vape- Bonging.

    Happy Surfing:cool:
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    Thankyou for all the kind love towards my SSV :)
    I've only been loading around .2-.3 and I am fucking stoned as shit. on my third small bowl so far :) Trying different strains for flavour. Bubba kush is tasting pretty hashy at the moment :yummy:
    Gotta love 7th floors Bags aswell, it is really top quality, two high quality metal zippers and TONS of padding, perfect for carrying glass around.
    Much love to all of their glass blowers aswell, I love their pieces of work.
    Happy surfing to all of you out there :cool:

    Yo man I would love you see those pictures but sadly they aren't working.
    Try posting them again. I love to look at how each and every SSV is different in it's own way :)

    I was kind of hoping mine wasn't going to be glass on glass because I much prefer the idea of holding the wand myself aswell as the ability to kind of twirl it around the small hole of hot air. I would love to try one of those spherical glass on glass connections though :p

    I will also be trying vape bonging once I go pick up some 99% isopropyl to clean my bong with, aswell as some sea salt. Ran out of both :/
    I don't want to inhale vapour from a dirty bong which has been used for smoking :p Can't wait for vape bonging though. The tube seems to fit perfectly in one of my downstems.
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    Arizer was ony of my first choices, It is a pretty quality vape I do have to say. I hope you enjoy it :)
    Thanks again
  7. Sorry about the pics, my first post messed up




  8. Looks good SSV's are all kinds of awesome..I like them so much I bought 2 of them lol..

    Wait until you try a bowl of weed/hash mixed together lol..The clouds that come off then are insane..
  9. Love the colors OP. wait until you pack a kief bowl - it'll be so cool and spicy in flavor and on your throat. It'll vape forever and get you ripped. I use a single screen, some people like to double screen.

    Weird though because I'm used to the ground glass models lol

    Lol you say that like its a bad thing. I have a SSV and bought my mom the Solo so she could vape in the house at my grandparents. She was getting treatment for a year very similar to chemo and all she had was a bong and had to sneak outside at night to medicate.

    I thought that was bullshit so I got her the Solo and flew out to AZ to visit her for a week and taught her how to use it. I absolutely love that vape. It's similar to my SSV and very simple to use. :smoke:
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    Will be picking up some nice bubblehash/solventless next time I can, can't wait for it.
    Keep surfing :)

    Thanks man, I am really diggin the colours aswell. I find I came out pretty lucky as the only option for customization at my checkout was black, silver, purple or green. I thought black would look best and when I ordered and saw it for the first time I pretty much can't be happier with the design in the glass pieces
    I don't know why people would use two screens on it though, one is fine..

    Love it my last bowl had a bit of kief in it and was tasting pretty spicy I do have to say :yummy:
    Been vaping all day and holy shit it is lovely. I am literally sweating so much from the stone (not the heat outside)

    Also good on you for looking out for your mother during a difficult time and buying her a vape :) Next time I medicate with one of my parents I plant to introduce them to it.

    Thanks to everyone for sharing your thoughts so far :)
  11. Hey want another secret?

    You can modify your whip for like $2 to make it more custom looking.

    Go to the grocery store and look down near the house hold items like mops, Mr. Clean, etc. and usually on the isle edges there are packages of 'Rit Dye' which is used to dye things like clothes, carpets, plastics, whatever.

    So you take a container you don't want, add hot water to the package of Rit Dye, and soak it in the dye for 20 minutes.

    I just did the outside. I left the edges out of the water so it didn't dye the inside of the tube, and cut off the extra that stayed clear.

    My SSV is Green/ Purple an at the head shop the guy joked it was their 'Joker' vape lol. But I dyed my whip purple to match the eye catching sparkling base.


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