New 5mm US Tubes Beaker

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    Hey Blades,

    After stopping at Chico Kush a few weeks ago to pick up a new grinder and some wraps, i got the idea that i needed another tube. With a phx mini already in my arsenal i decided i wanted to step up and get a beefy beaker from US Tubes. after saving for a week i stopped back in again on which seemed to be a good day. Luckily for me Chico Kush was having a 30% off sale on most of the stuff in the store.

    If you havent heard of Potanist on TC, hes the owner of Tahoe and Chico Kush. Both his shops have unbelievable selections and his prices are great. Not only did he give me 30% off the tube but he gave more more off on top of that. After leaving the store grinning ear to ear i began to notice something was lacking from the tube when i hit it. Dont get me wrong, its a great tube but i felt it needed an ash catcher badly. Once again i headed down to CK and picked up a 3 arm MGW ash catcher for another great deal.

    The tube itself is 45x5mm tubing with a beefy joint and a US tubes vented bushing diffusor.

    Once again,

    Thnx Potanist and all the blades for reading this. Ive been hitting this and my PHX side by side every day now.



    Ill be back soon with some better quality picks and vids.
  2. I may get a 9mm next time on the west coast... nice tube
  3. US Tubes are SOLID tubes
    i have one of the first US Tubes, seeing as how mine doesn't even have the "US Tubes" Logo on it, it's just a bubble bottom clean tube. i LOVE it
  4. Pretty sure if it doesnt have a logo then you have a tube from before honalee started US tubes. Same manufacturer just earlier build date.
  5. well done dude, join the club... love my 9mm and im sure the 5mm is dope as fuck, and for a great price... whatd you pay? nice buy man
  6. nice pickup dude, ive been thinking about gettin a US 9mm straight with a red/black joint and one of those D cut diffys.
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    A good price... lol

    With the tube, vented diffuser and stock bowl... 110 out the door. Pretty good price if you ask me!
  8. oh... and the ash catcher was only 50 out the door...

    good deal?

  9. That looks like a good deal for 50 A/C. The bong is very nice to man, good pickup
  10. nice pickup. looks awesome. congrats!

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