New 5 Foot Orange Glass On Acrylic

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  1. Yesterday i ended up selling my Zong! brand triple kink zong with inline Z percolator for 130 dollars, and a new soft glass bong, and a fatty blaze. I was really blazed leaving the guys house and went a local smoke shop i found that was really high class. They sell RooRs and HGB glass and all kinds of nice glass. But i got a new glass on glass 14mm downstem for my new softglass, and then saw the giant acrylics. Usually i dont like em but this one has the extended stem and i got a glass bowl to fit. So i looked at them. Ranging from 3 to 8 feet. I decided i wanted a 5 footer for 40. Thought it was a good price. Its a Headway brand and its airtight and rips fat. I can almost clear in one breath. its smooth as hell too.

    [ame=]YouTube - Hitting 5 footer[/ame]
  2. lol i remember those long bastards, one i used to party with you had to have 2 people to toke, or light it with your toe *not fun btw* nice to see they changed the design to something more practical.
  3. i stand like that too
  4. yeahl there alot better now but i guess alot of people fill em up really high and cauze mad drag. I think there sick though
  5. Where can I find one... I have been searching for the longest
  6. omggg my buddy across the street had the same 4 footer blue one tho.. lmao shit was a beast took 2 ppl to hit n light it .. 2 breathes to finish it lol .. good ol days

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