New 400w HPS/Mh, got it cheap.

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by blazincaucasian, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. extrmely bad idea.

    If you're going to go cheap, get a magnetic ballast.
    Digital is crap. Low quality digital is worse crap.
  2. My friend has a digital and he has never had any problems. I will keep that in mind tho.^
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    Personally i would search CL if you're only looking for a MH.
    I got a 100w ballast w/ bulb for 20$ and a 400w w/bulb for 35$ total.
    Best of luck to you though.
    I meant i got them both for 35 total >.< I needa stop posting blistered xD
  4. no i need both, gonna veg with mh then flower with hps.

    already bought this anyway, was super cheap.
    If it dies it dies, but Im just glad I can get one sooner than expected.
  5. I love my digital ballast, its a Lumatek.

    I love my other digital ballast too, its a Lumatek.

    Everyone I know with a digi loves it, yes cheep can be bad but you might be lucky.

    You're in too deep now anyways:hello:

    Good luck, Happy Gro
  6. Its cheap but brand new so hopefully I get my moneys worth out of it.
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    For $154 even if you only get one grow out of it; it will have paid for itself. You may want to upgrade the bulbs in the future as I'm quite sure the ones in the package deal are sub par.
  8. it says 45-50k lumens and 2000k and 4000k color. Thats good for me if it works.

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