new 400 watt! Couple easy ?'s

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by jpjp, May 12, 2010.

  1. ok, just got it from htg, I've got a 8 clones in a cfl fridge I made. They're just about to take off. (flowering clones took a lil time before starting new veg growth),

    ? 1, can I put them under 400w 24hr at proper distance to veg them out and then put 4 back into cfl fridge w out I'll effect?

    ? 2, there is a note for mounting ballast vertical to keep fan up, is it ok to mount on side horizontally. This is probably a simple answer.

    thanks GC
  2. 1. good question. I would say yes to the first part but i dont know about taking them back out of it.

    2. Read the little note again. It says something about mounting the fan upwards WHEN mounting vertical, not that you must or even need to mount it vertical.

    EDIT: I misread your question. but the answer is the same, I dont see any reason you cant mount it on its side horizontally.
  3. doesnt it have rubber feet on the bottom of the ballast? that should indicate that it can be set horizontally
  4. mounting it I mean I'm nailin it on a crossbeam. So yes horizontall but also on it's side. I'll have a pic up soon.

    and the other ?. The main part of the question was, will they be ok if they went from 400 hps veging, back to cfl fridge to keep veging so I can flower a couple @ a time. Will they be ok going back to cfl veg after hps?

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