New 300W light

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Dreadlyfe, Aug 26, 2019.

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  1. Good luck with that. :)
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  2. Are you trolling us.....:passing-joint:
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  3. ???
  4. That is NOT pulling 300 watts from the wall.........that's why the responses you have gotten so far.

    Its probably more like 30 watts......which isn't much at all!
  6. 300 watts of LED
  7. It only pulls 50 Watts for the wall
  8. That's enough lighting to grow one plant that is one square foot in diameter .
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  9. And no higher than 6".
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  10. I actually have 425 Watts of light in here and I am only going one plant so I think I'm good.
  11. As long as you feel good with're good.:passing-joint:
  12. So what do you suggest
  13. Take no I only have a 2 x 4 tent right now
  14. I literally suggest.......whatever works for you. If you already have 425 wall watts running in sure youre plants love it......don't know how much of a difference that 50 watt will make.....but I DOUBT it'll hurt your yields....
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  15. Allot of people don't understand what it actually takes to grow indoor Cannabis or what it takes to even get started .
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  16. Yeah...that is OBVIOUS with the new threads we get daily......I didn't even COME TO THIS FORUM....until I researched for WEEKS on growing! I still had questions and needed a bit of guidance regarding certain issues.....but the newbies come in here now with I like weed and I wanna grow it......what do I do.....LITERALLY the only knowledge they have of it is....they like to smoke it.....and they wanna grow it to save some $
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  17. 48 watts minimum of the cheap LED Lighting per square foot .
    28 watts per square foot of the higher quality LED lights minimum .
    Quality LED's like Samsung or Cree / Cob , some other LED makers are now starting to make better or even maybe quality LED's
    They are now hard to keep up with because of LED Technology is changing everyday.
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  18. Where I live you cannot grow within 25 miles of a dispensary .
    It really sucks ,, I think about the education all these people are missing out on about growing cannabis .
    Or just Horticulture in general .
    Its fucking sad ........

    PS I have my medical card and exempt from those laws ....
    I can grow next to a dispensary if I please .

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