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New 26" PURE Glass Bong w/ Duo Diffused 3-Tree Percs

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by th3cre8r, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Looks badass bro, my friend used to have a 2 foot pure w/illa catch and that shit hit smooth without those glass trees yours has.

    enjoy :bongin: but im sure you already are:hello:
  2. looks fantastic. burn well!
  3. a freind of mine has that exact one i think....and it hits supper smooth, if you get a good hit sometimes you can't feel it when you inhale:bongin:.:hello:
  4. Yeah 5dollar, I know what you mean. My last hit, like, 15 minutes ago, was the biggest hit I ever took, and I didn't cough at all...

  5. Sick, where did u get it?
  6. damn how much did you get that for?
  7. im guessing its over 230.00 right? i know my buds was over 230.00 but im not sure exactly how much it was. Its wild though:)
  8. I have the exact same one, except that the percs are blue, and I have a standard blue bowl.

    It hits like a champ, $250.

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