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Discussion in 'General' started by Storm Crow, Nov 26, 2022.

  1. This is what I'm sending out this year-

    Well, folks, it’s been quite a year- inflation, Covid mutations, shortages, Monkey Pox and all the craziness - political and otherwise. I’m still recovering mentally from being evacuated due to the huge fires we had this summer. So I’m still a bit in “disaster mode”, even though I was one of the very fortunate ones. Although we were in the mandatory evacuation zone, my home was not touched by the fire. During the evacuation, a dear friend, Ellen, put us up (and put up with us) until power was restored and the fires were under control. But many others were not as lucky.

    As I went to volunteer at the local dispensary today, I passed through a whole neighborhood that is nothing but ashes and twisted metal where family homes once stood. A stark reminder of how fast things can change. So here’s a little common sense advice from me - always have a “go bag” ready with a couple changes of clothes, comfy shoes, any medications you need, a little address book with all your contacts, a few granola bars and some cash in small bills.

    OK, let’s get down to business. I have made a huge change to my List. I’ve cut it back to (mostly) the studies and news articles dating from 2020 to 2022. The reasons for this are simple – for a start, keeping 7,000 pages of links updated is an impossible job for one old lady! The List’s sheer size was intimidating to some, and frankly, most people are interested in only the latest information. I did make an exception for a few subjects (War on Drugs, History, Miscellaneous Stuff, etc.) and kept the older studies and articles.

    My List is divided into three parts, news articles, studies and a little mini-dictionary.

    The NEWS SECTION is a good place for folks to start their education about cannabis. These articles provide first-person stories and information about recent studies in a condensed form. It still has almost all of the subjects that I had before, but is now just over 420 pages of links to the more recent news articles.

    Besides articles on a wide range of ailments, you will find recipes for “edibles” (there’s even more in the STUDIES section), a few old cannabis songs, a bunch of cannabis history, information on growing and much more. Since some folks prefer WORD documents, while others like PDFs, I include both just to keep everyone happy. And you should wait until the List is completely loaded to click the “headings” icon on the left hand side to get the handy navigation index to show up.

    Besides hundreds of articles from newspapers, this section will also introduce you to several cannabis-friendly sites that provide information about cannabis. Some sites are more medical in their outlook, others cater more to recreational users, and a few focus on legalization, or the business of cannabis – there’s a little something for everyone. SECTION-2022.docx?dl=1 SECTION-2022.pdf?dl=1

    Likewise, the STUDIES SECTION has been trimmed back to a more manageable 1,500 pages. Even with the “Covid slowdown” that hit research (and just about everything else), studies are still coming out at a record rate. Although I would like to have just full studies for you, I have included many of the more interesting short abstracts since many libraries and colleges have free access to the “pay-walled” studies. Also, some abstracts become full studies after an initial “embargo” period.

    During the last few years, numerous studies on the effects of cannabinoids on Covid and the cytokines have been published. Once neglected, CBD is now rivaling THC in the number of studies and the acidic cannabinoids are finally being explored. There is so much more to cannabis than “merely” getting high. SECTION 2022.docx?dl=1 SECTION 2022.pdf?dl=1

    If you read an article about a study that sounds interesting, don’t be afraid to look for more information in the studies section. Your success at reading and understanding studies is often just a matter of learning a few new words. So in this last little section, you’ll find a little mini-dictionary that has plain language definitions for a lot of those unfamiliar words to help you along your path of learning more about cannabis.

    I hope all of you will share my List with your friends. Our best tool for full legalization is medical knowledge. Once the medical facts about cannabis become known, the need for full legalization becomes obvious!

    Most of us realize that our government has lied to us about cannabis for over 85 years. But did you know that while arresting thousands of people for cannabis use, our government has been quietly running a decades-old federal medical marijuana program?

    Every single month since the mid-1970s, our government, by way of the “Compassionate Investigational New Drug Program”, has mailed out metal tins stuffed with 300 “marihuana cigarettes” to be used for medical purposes by certain US citizens. The program was quickly limited to a small number of very ill patients. Elvy Musikka, one of the last two surviving patients, recently quit the program due to the very poor quality of the government’s cannabis, leaving just one patient.

    But until that last patient dies, our government is running a federally legal medical marijuana program, and all the while, denying that cannabis has medical uses and is dangerous enough to belong on Schedule 1, the most restrictive level! But with 37 states with some form of medical use, and 21 with recreational, it is clear that our government cannot maintain the Schedule 1 designation and the war on cannabis for much longer.

    It is time for that to change. Cannabis needs to be de-scheduled like all other even half-way safe herbal medicines! Each of us needs to share the truth about cannabis and how it can heal. And like my late grandfather once said- “If the truth won’t do, then something is wrong!”

    With love to all of you,

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  2. I Enjoy Your Posts Ganja Granny So Ima Make A Note To Come Back To Read It All When I Have More Times. It Probably Be Tommorow. ILY <33333

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  3. @Dizzy Love you too, hon!
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  4. Guru Storm Crow...

    thank you :)
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  5. keep posting Storm Crow ...always some thing to read and digest at Leasure ,,,,thanks ,,,mac
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  6. You are a truly amazing woman!
    Well done, as usual!
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  7. thanks to people like Storm crow over the last few years I've been randomly posting about endocannabinoid system and cannabis lipids and metabolism etc.... while following mainstream news and medical info its amazing how well cannabis fits into so many of those modalities and is coming out of the dark etc...

    with cannabinoid sciences we have found cannabis to be an essential Nutrient !!! we have effectively banned an essential fatty acid ( SEEDS!( , an essential amino acid ( roots) , an essential Fatty acyl ( cannabinoids, N acyl Tranferases etc,..)
    Phytocannabinoids connect to the cell similar to an endocannabinoid ... the N acyl Ethanolamine pathways that serve an essential role in the cell of maintaining cellular pro homeostasis response and connecting all Metabolically active tissue cells together ( 70 trillion cells!) via Depolarization induced second messenger Retrograde Lipid signaling that begins at the post synapse of the cell and then reconnects backwards to the pre synapses ,. thus allowing the cell to change its Enzymes and fatty acid binding proteins according to the messages provided by the lipid signalling of the Endocannabinoid system - ECS

    it is predicted that each cell part of the ECS creates around 15,000 biochemicals a second per cell !!!
    add up around 70 trillion with that much signaling Per ( mind Blown !)
    each cannabinoid signal in the cell becomes 7 as ECS is part of the 7 trans membrane super family of receptors and G protein-coupled receptors . the cannabinoid metabolism reaches interior of cell 7 times before finalizing the signal .
    cannabinoid receptors are Voltage gated / ligand Gated ionotropic receptors that use Calcium influx and Voltage to " Sizzle" lipids into Crystalline molecular structures ( cannabinoids) via channeling through the bi-layers of each cell with the enzymatic formation of Epoxides, MAGL, DAGL , FAAH .

    ECS as the largest physiological system in man maintains 70 trillion cells and keeps all oof them in a state of continual homeostasis
    Sea Squirt Developed the Endocananbinoid system 5 billion years ago for all Chordate life forms to maintain presence in the Void of nothing and to adjust ourselves accordingly ..

    We just so happened to Find ECS while doing lipid metabolism research of THC in a porcine brain !!

    our Endocannabinoid system relies on Diet ( lipids) to form the endocannabinoids with , the best lipid to feed your ECS is omega three fatty acid ! this will form anti inflammatory Endocannabinoids !

    this is a shout ot to Storm Crow and all the people who are as passionate about all this as is possible ... Thank You !
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  8. When I got to the “go bag” advice well, we are on a pot forum and I get high a lot so I didn’t automatically think of my camping pack.
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  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! I dowloaded all the files. I am soooo looking forward to diving into these. I have read about several things you have and discuss. I can't thank you enough for all of this valuable information.

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  10. @Electrik Sun Welcome to GC! :gc_rocks: And you are most welcome! There is SO MUCH to be learned about cannabis! I hope you will enjoy "going down the rabbit hole" of knowledge as much as I do!

    However, if you find that you need even more research on a subject, my huge, old "Master List" that I mentioned in my intro, can still be found here- New July 2021 "Granny Storm Crow's List"

    Granny :wave:
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  11. Spammers getting booted is a necessity, as such, go fuck yourself.
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  12. @sweedright I totally agree, and Mr Rogers was a cool guy!
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  13. I watched him every day as a kid.
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  14. Mr. dad used to love him bc he was so calm, and he made me calm after Sesame Street got me all excited, lol. I tended to laugh at that till I wet myself lol. I loved the neighborhood of make believe tho, that's a killer place!
    I wonder if Mr. Rogers smoked weed. Anyone know? He would have been great to get high with and talk shit about life.
  15. I apologize, but as an AI language model, my responses are based on the information available to me up until September 2021. I don't have access to real-time data or specific updates like the 2022 Granny Storm Crow's List. It's always a good idea to search online for the most recent and updated version of Granny Storm Crow's List, as it may contain valuable information regarding cannabis and its potential medical uses.
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