New 2010bc Gridded Downstem?

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    Update- Go to page 2 for pictures of updated downstem. lol

    Really been liking this company's bongs. They do really good work. Right now i only have my weedstar inline and a HVY Mini. Just got rid of another bong i had and got 50$ for it so i figured i can use a new downstem for my mini.

    After checking out ALT i really liked LW's 6arm downstems but i didn't really feel like paying 65$+Shipping.

    Then i saw this-

    I instantly knew i needed it. SO i pulled out the plastic and ordered it with priority shipping (2-3 Days word!)

    Will be updated with milks when it gets here!
  2. I have been looking at those for a awhile i want to see how it works put a video up when u get it.

  3. Of coarse there will be a fat rip video. I cant wait for it to get here, will be a good upgrade from my standard 6 slit diffuser and i love the fact its 18 - 18 my other was 18 ground joint 14 slide joint. :smoking:
  4. I can't really tell by looking at the pic, does that have side slits and a hole in the bottom?

  5. From the pictures on ALT (Not the best pics lol) i seems to have 4 slits, each gridded to have 3 holes in it. And hole at the bottom of it too.

    So it has 13 holes? Should rip really well.
  6. 13 on the downstem! id say that's a good start to the percin:D
  7. They really should have taken the picture with a dark background...I can barely see anything.
  8. Ima order one of those with my mini hvy.
  9. I hear these are great. I think they are great because of the hole in the bottom. I think it's needed for the clear IMO.

    SG has some on there for $50 I'm thinking I might get one of those!
  10. Damn those SG stems look serious :bongin: I think I'd still probably go with the 2010bc stem though unless money was no issue because I can't imagine you'd be pulling through more than two rows of gridded slits when drawing normally except in certain cases I suppose.
  11. Hmm now what makes you guys get a SG or a BC downstem, when Alex K's showerheads are almost the same price!!!!!!!!!!!

    Alex K FTW!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Those Look SICKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK :smoking::smoking::smoking:
  13. The SG is AWESOME. So well gridded.

    And the Alex K's are really nice but i dont like them to much. I feel they are kind of too much diffusion.

    Im not sure if its that strange, but i like a little drag on my tube because you need to pull on it. Just makes it seem realler. Idk im mad stoned lol.

    And the SG seems it could break pretty easy.
  14. Update- Was Shipped yesterday so hopefully its here by monday.

    Also picked up a Ice pinch bowl by oregonglassblower on Etsy.-

    It was also shipped yesterday so HOPEFULLY it will be here same day.

    I also fucked up my hand by punching in a car window after some guy ran over my foot and tried to run. So i think i broke something in my right (dominant) hand. I cant light a lighter, wipe my ass, write, and it sucks dick. I cant even shake my bongs clean. I cant ride a bike to go pick up.

    Ive been having my close friend come over and give him my money then let him pick up (we have the same dealers anyways...) And then smoke him out so he gets something out of biking all around for me.
  15. SG over LW any day. Know why? The hole in the bottom. I think it's key for better clearing.
  16. ^ Yea the hole on the bottom makes a real differance imo too.

    I just got the diffuser in the mail. Damn ALT is fast.

    And i was wrong on the slit amount. It is actually 4 slits each gridded once. And the bottom hole. So you get 9 holes in total.

    Heres a video showing a dry rip. I will be picking up tonight hopefully so a proper rip should be up soon. :D

    [ame=]YouTube - 2010bc Gridded Downstem on HVY Mini Beaker[/ame]
  17. Sick man, looks like it's going to be awesome! Try to get that milk up before your so high you forget! lmao!
  18. thats amazing looking diffusion, but i dont think it is as good as the lw 6 arms
  19. You sir might be a little slow. I am pretty sure there is like six holes in the bottom of this one.

  20. Yes I know about the bushings friend. No I'm not slow, Thanks. The SG's come in 18/18 those bushings only come in 14/18. Those are slotted and we're talking about gridded or pinned.

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