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new 2 the forum need help identifying buds

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by grimreaper1986, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. hello everyone in grasscity :wave:

    im new to this site actually a newbie grower and im currently facing a problem ...i got these nice buds from a source ...its a really nice strain ..and since i am a bagseed grower ..i was hoping that somebody here could help me identify the strain/...i know its not possible to say for sure by just looking at the buds ..but still ...please help me ..atleast i can guess what this unknown strain could be...and its one hell of smoke me...thanx


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  2. Theres no way anyone's gonna be able to ID a strain from a pic...If they can, theyre liars.

    That looks like some boo-boo to disrespect. Just sayin'
  3. He's got it right here.
  4. He's right. There is honestly no way you can ID it by sight alone.
  5. doesnt look that great to be honest. but ya deff cant ID a bud with a pic.
  6. Not in my town. Middle class schwag.

    These are the mids here.

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  7. decent mids
  8. yea this just looks like some mids grown right. Nice pick up
  9. looks pretty schwaggy
  10. they aint looking good..maybe bad curing ...bad luck!!:smoke:

    hw r these by d way ??just wantd to know

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  11. what is that heroin?.... or just some bad hash
  12. oh sweet baby jesus...
    While I couldn't guess at the quality, you have a lot of it, that is for certain.
    How is it?
  13. It could be excellent, hash is always difficult to tell by appearance alone.

    My indicators of good hash are its melting (full melt?), the softness (which this appears to have) and lastly fragrance.
  14. that is some mid grade parvati valley hash ..its awesome...they called it 2nd cream or something...not the famous fine grade cream..which is quite hard to find...:)
  15. :confused: shakes head... we need a sticky that says buds cannot be identified by pics.
  16. LMMFAO!!!!! Ha ha...nice move, kid!!

    Dudes jocked his herb (me included) and he comes back with the big hash bar pics. Fuckin nice...I guess we'll all STFU now..LOL!!
  17. The fuck is going on in this thread? Is it just me or does everyone in here seem pretty retarded?

    why are you asking how the quality of the shit YOU bought is? And why would you think that schwagg is any strain? Obviously its low, brown reggies. And if you grow, you should know damn well what the quality scale of weed is. I'm having a hard time believing those pictures are even yours. Just doesn't make sense.
  18. that looks like sick weed and i mean the flu type sick it looks like my asshole basically sorry

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