New 2 growin...not smokin...

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by riderman03, May 29, 2002.

  1. Wuts up evry1..Im new to the whole growin scene all tho I hav been tokin 4 a while :-D

    Ne way I need a lot of tips on how to start growin if ne1 would b so kind. I live in OHIO. I need all information as possible. The only thing Ive done so far is get the seeds to start a lil by puttn them in a wet clothe. Now I need the rest info.. THANX ALL
  2. put 'em dirt and watch them grow.

    Kill off the males.

    Let them grow some more.

    Don't overwater or overfertilize.

    Safety and Security First.
  3. OK..I hav read up some mrr on this shit.

    Wut I plan 2 do is gro this eithr in my crawl space of my house and/or n a extra room whrr no1 goes. Im gettin a heat lamp off 1 of my pals. I only plan on plantin about 2-4 plants dependin on the wattage of the lamp.
    Wut I need 2 kno now is wut is the best way 2 keep the smell from going all throughout the house, that is my main concern.
    Also, would creating sum type of a mini greenhouse help? If not wut would b the best type of box?
    Would using MIRACLE GRO wrk good?
    How long does the plant need light?
    How often should I water?

    Nething else would greatly b appreciated...!!!
  4. They use heat lamps to keep food warm.. you need to research man, there are about a million grow guides on the net..
  5. Fluoro lights or MH lights are what you need to grow.

    A small plate of vinegar in the grow room will mask the odor.

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