New 18'' Tube from LHS [Milkvid]

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    Got a sick new tube from my LHS. This thing is a beast. The sticker price was $220 but I grabbed it for $140 at Mrs. Coolz in South OKC. Came with a different slide, but I like this one.


    So smooth.
  2. china tube and overpriced, but atleast you didnt pay sticker :smoke:
  3. Exactly. This thing dwarfs my EHLE!
  4. good thing you didnt pay 220 man. nice Tube though :p.

    i got this for 240 at my LHS they wanted 300 but they like me lol

    [ame=]YouTube - My Glass[/ame]
  5. that bong stacks bro what brand is that
  6. for 140 thats a great pickup most no name brand 18" straight tubes go for around 80-90
  7. Looking at it, it might actually be more than 18'', they didn't say, I need to get a ruler. But it makes my 1-foot EHLE look tiny.

    This tube is THICK though, and all the slits are well cut. The tree perc has 5 arms with 3 slits on the side of each arm and a fourth on the bottom of them too. The downstem isn't bad and the placement is nice, but I'll be sure to upgrade it to something nicer. Hits hard and drag is pretty minimal and though my EHLE was my daily driver for a year upgrading to this beast has been super easy, the perc definately makes it smoother than the diffused EHLE.

    I had the lady pull out sooo many tubes though for me to look at, there were some decent and not so decent other choices too, but this was the last one she pulled out from the back of the case that had most of the higher end tubes in it, in the case of this shop the best they have is Roor, PHX, and Pure, I figured it was going to be pricey and I saw the tag, but got it down to near half off. :smoke:

  8. unknown bong and matching worked A/c and a GEAR A/C also but as of late i got a new worked A/C (same one) cause mine was had a crack so i got one for free from my LHS and have just been using that and still smooth and awesome.

    IF anyone knows anything about my bong like brand or what ever i would love to know :D

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