New 18" Toro straight

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    Well I went to Smoke 911 today and picked up an 18" Toro straight. It is 7mm thick and has an 18.8mm joint. It came With an 18.8 6-slit diffuser. I wanted it with the ice pinch slide on the 8 arm tree toro, but the owner's wife would not sell it to me or even trade it for this one... She said they had some on order and they would cost about $15, so I'm just going to get a 18.8 Royal icepinch slide in the next few days. It kind of annoyed by that but over all I'm happy. I payed $267.45 with tax included. I need to pick up some more herb, so milkshots will be up tonight.


    The Toro Joint is SO thick:cool:

    As is the base


  2. Nice glass pickup, milkshots should look killa.
  3. Oh boy that thing looks great, enjoy!
  4. i love the shit toro comes out with
  5. Beautiful. What else are you adding on to that? I was hoping to see that with a inline A/C,:smoke:
  6. Either that or an 8 arm Toro Trashcatcher...:ey:
  7. Very nice pickup.

    Toro makes quality, durable pieces.

    The joint and base look crazy thick.

    Have fun with that.
  8. Sooooo Thick, I love it. This is my new DD Fosho!
  9. My toro is my daily too..

    Dropped the slide this morning though. Going to have to go buy a new one now.

    great looking tube. I usually am not a fan of straight tubes at all either.
  10. the base & joint are beast-like on that bong. Lets see that baby riiiiiiip.
  11. that looks so clean, I love it, welcome to the Toro club Closet :D
  12. Nice pickup. A TrashCatcher is kind of pointless IMO unless you have a fixed stem due to the angle of them...
  13. Please elaborate. I don't understand lol.
  14. Hot damn. Milk shots?:p
  15. Yeah and out of my price range, but I have other arrangements in the works. a KC inline... But we'll see what my money situation is like this week.
  16. [​IMG]

    ^^See how the joint is parallel with the can of the ashcathcer? Imagine how that would work on a tube that has an angled downstem...
  17. Gotcha. Thanks for the explanation.
  18. Thanks man. One day I hope to have a Toro/colab. like yours. I love mine already though.
  19. Here is a friend milking it. (GC name: Perc)

  20. No doubt man, Toros only get better from now on. I'm saving up for something by Deppe. Gonna be a long while but, can't wait.

    Sweet milk too ^ your camera is too sick!

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