new 16 year old from bama . Hutto!

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  1. you mean 18 right buddy
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  2. That's not me that's my friend. I am 18 he is 16
  3. [quote name='"MASTERofGANJA"']That's not me that's my friend. I am 18 he is 16[/quote]

    Good cover
  4. Its not a cover? You can look at th other videos on his youtube and im in their
  5. His new stuff is pretty good not going to lie. Everyone should check it out.
  6. What is your 16 year old buddy doing in our city? we don't take kindly to his type of people 0_o
  7. No the kid rapping is 16 I know him, but he's turning 18 next year but for his he is pretty good.

  8. lol wat
  9. He is seventeen tomorrow no worries haha
  10. What do y'all think of his new music?
  11. No offense to your friend but I never usually want to listen to artists who are so young. They usually don't have a whole lot to say but I'll give it a shot later.
  12. I feel ya but he has moved from a shitty mic to a descent one and his rhymes are pretty good for him to be that young. Check out his recent videos on his YouTube channel
  13. I know it's been a while since I posted but my friend is now 19 turning 20 next month. He has gotten a lot better but he hasn't released his tracks with alot more substance yet he's just trying to build a fan base. Lets get some constructive criticism going!!
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