New 15 Inch Zong (Hand Blown in Ontario)

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  1. Here is a birthday present to myself (since no one will buy me a bong).

    It's 15 inches tall, 5 mm pyrex glass, Glass on Glass seal, the stem can fit ice in it (I think all zongs can do that).

    I got it for $141.75 shipped, it's $135.00 plus $6.75 for taxes (Canada, in USA there's no tax) and free shipping on orders over $100. I'm not sure if I can post where I ordered it or not, but if I can [please let me know

    Bong and Bowl:


    Full Bowl:


    Design on Bowl:


    Looking in the bowl:


    Full Bong:


    Design on chamber:


    Yellow colour towards the top (made like that):


    Looking down:

  2. No you can't post where you bought it from, but it looks like a very nice bong.. How does it hit?
  3. Thanks!

    It hits amazingly. With ice or cold water you can clear a whole bowl in one hit and not even feel the smoke, it's very smooth. The only problem I have with it is that it doesn't have a removable downstem so I can't pour water out of the front I have to twist is around to get the water to go into different parts of the chamber (Z shaped part).
  4. def. not hand blown, looks like china prodo glass
  5. It is, I ordered it from a place in Edmonton, then they told the blower in Ontario to blow it and then sent it from in Ontario which it says on the package.
  6. looks a little thin :/

    Im sure it hits nice tho... enjoy
  7. Of course you can post where you bought it from wtf
  8. hate to be a debbie downer.

    but that was an expensive piece!

    i would expect at least glass on glass for that price.

    but if you are happy thats what counts.....those pics make me miss my old zong : ) :wave:

    edit: i dig the bowl!
  9. I got it from

    They call it "15 inch fat bottom zig zag" under Pyrex bongs

    What would you call that kind of seal? I thought it was glass on glass?

    Yeah I'm really happy with this bong, it rips great, but next time I might just go with the name brands next time, it was a bit much.
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  11. I know what a normal GonG seal is and a normal Rubber on glass seal is and looks like, this is different.

    When you put the slide in the downstem it just slides down until the bowl hits that rim sort of thing and makes a seal, the rubber stopper is on the outside to keep that "rim" as I call it in place and tight. I'll get pictures of it up soon to show you what it is.
  12. awesome lookin piece. I miss my zong too. i had a cheap 40$ chinese one i'm sure, but shit i wasn't poundin nails with it so wasn't worried about breakage.
  13. Ya that's definitely not handblown, also not gong. The rubber stopper automatically means that the joint isn't gong, because if you were to buy any bowl, it would be under 14mm, which is the smallest gong joints are.
  14. I'm quite sure it is hand blown. I will go ask them if it is.

    When I first ordered from them I asked how long it would take approximately to get here, and they told me they are not sure since the blower in Ontario had to still blow and dry it before sending it.

    The rubber stopper, as I said is on the outside. It does not touch the slide. I'll take a picture soon and post it for you all to see.
  15. Its a nice bong, dont get me wrong.

    But you got ripped off if you payed that. I can go get that exact same bong for $60 MAX. Its not GonG (yea yea rubber stopper or not, its not GLASS ON GLASS) it def doesnt look 5mm thick either...

    Sorry but, u got ripped off.
  16. Not to be a dick but I think you got jewed by whoever told you it was "hand blown". Its not GonG, I would bet its not 5mm. On the site you mentioned for the money you paid you could have gotten a much nicer tube.
  17. i know exactly what you mean, im not sure if its still glass on glass though. my friend had a bong just like that, and it was a sliding downstem. he got his for $20, i hate to tell you but you overpaid. first bong though, enjoy it.
  18. Well, I guess I know for next time then, right? Nothing I can do now about it plus I actually really like it so that's what matters to me. Here are some pics of how it seals:

    As you can see the rubber ring is on the outside looks like it's to make it more air tight:


    Here is the slide in the downstem, glass on glass but not what you would normally consider glass on glass.

  19. Yeah, thats not GonG.

    ...those cheap bastards didnt even give u an O ring to go around the bowl to make it air tight?

    As long as you like it, thats what matters. Be careful tho next time and do some research, for $130 you couldve really gotten somthing decent.
  20. Oh alright, what would that be considered?

    Yeah, a friend of mine (she's been smoking about 9 years now and has about 30-some bongs, lots of's and the higher quality brands) recommended that store/site to me so I was really hoping I would get something really good. Well it hits really nicely and it's an upgrade from my mini bong, so next time I'll come here and ask before I buy

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