New 13" Bong

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    Double Percolator with Skull Percolator
    about 13 inch tall
    Glass On Glass With Ice Catcher
    7mm Glass thickness

    19mm Glass On Glasss DownStem with
    14mm Glass on Glass Bowl Size

    I have a question would an 18.8 Roor Diffuser fit this ?

    Also is the Regular 14.5 ROOR bowl the one that would fit this ?

    Im new to the bong world and have much to learn... Thanks

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  10. Damn missed the kid but the skull thing in your bongs cool.
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    I dont really know lol. I saw the comments and was like wtf are they talking shit about my bong, but then I see my son sleeping. I was laughing pretty hard lol.

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  13. Lol,
    To answer your questions, the tube is 18.8, so any 18.8 downstem will fit, so long as its the right length. The bowl will depend on the downstem...if the downstem is 18.8<14.5 then the 14.5 bowl will fit, if the downstem is 18.8<18.8, then only 18.8 bowls will fit unless you get an adapter.
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    Thank you man.. So if it came with a 14mm bowl I just need the same size !!

  15. right, but the outside joint needs to stay 18.8, or else it wont fit the tube.
    Since you have 2 connections, bong to downstem, and downstem to bowl, you have to match both....just to make sure you don't get a 14.5 downstem.
  16. Alright thanks I think I understand now..... I feel like im in Call of Duty looking at all these fckin attachments for the bong

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