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  1. Hello all,
    Started a new grow about a week ago. I have a 4'x4'x7' grow tent with a 1000w ballast dimmed to 750w right now. There is a 400CFM inline fan dedicated to moving air through the cool tube. There will be another fan attached to a carbon filter but that arrives Thursday and its 410CFM.

    I have each plant in a 5 gallon bucket and they are all connected to a central reservoir with the total coming out to 30 gallons. This is a mix of a dwc and a aeroponic buckets, it has sprayers and the water that sits bellow is constantly receiving new oxygen rich water. The water I use is from a portable ro filter so there is nothing in it initially. I have been able to keep the pH at a stable 5.6-5.7 and the water is 200ppm. I have been feeding them sensi 2 part grow at 1/4 strength and will be using Cal+ with the next water change.

    I am running the lights 24 hours a day until the plants have all sprouted and have a few nodes then I will back it down to 20/4 or 18/6 I have not decided yet. Due to the lack of a internal fan I am running a bit hot about 77-84 degrees and 25-30 humidity.

    The plants from front to back on the left; left back has a White Widow Feminized, left front has Crystal Fem, middle back has WWF, front middle has WWF, right back has G13 Haze Fem, and the right front has G13 Haze Fem.

    I am looking forward to this grow and any followers who want to help me along are more than welcome :).

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  2. Looks like fun, I'll be watching.
  3. Switched over to 20/4 today will update with new pics tomorrow.
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    So the carbon filter and fan came today and I found out my 30'' zip ties are to small for my filter so I am purchasing some chains to hang it up. Until then I will just leave it sitting upright on the floor. I have been keeping the pH at 5.7-5.8 and the plants have all been doing well. Crystal is still having issues might just scrap her all together have not decided yet.

    Now that I have my second fan I was able to kick my lights up to 1100 watts from 500 watts, excited to see how my plants react. Other than that nothing much is happening. The next big thing is I will be purchasing a 30 gallon tank and a co2 regulator and a controller. Until then I will try and update the pictures every few days to keep the thread current.

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  5. Connect zipties to zipties to double/triple/ect their length, male->female ect.

    I hope you mean 5.7-5.8!

    Lookin' good man, hope to see them kick ass under that 1.1kw!
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    Hey all!
    So my account, Soaring Spoon, is broken I can't log in and no matter how many times I send myself a new password it won't let me in. So until the tech people reset it for me I will be using this account. :)

    My 1k mh bulb broke last night but amazon is sending me a new one for free so until tuesday I will be using my hps light.

    Haha thank you so much for that! I feel a bit stupid that I never even thought of that:p

    I have now strung up my filter and fan, would take pictures but missing my phones charging cable lol. Roommate probably has it will update with pics when I find it.

    Yeah I ment 5.7-5.8 I actually wanted to go back and edit that last night and that is when my account failed lol. Guess thats what happens when you update high :)
  7. Got my account back. Apparently Safari doesn't play well with Grasscity. So its Chrome for now on :)

    I got the filter up in the air and it has improved the temperatures dramatically! I am seeing mid 70's to low 80's and I feel comfortable with that range. Both of the fans are running quiet enough, its loud in my room but nothing makes it past the door and I dont mind the white noise.

    I am going to add one more bubble stone since my reservoir could use it and my air pump has a second connector. The plants in back are growing at a slower rate but still have a ok rate of foliage. I am going to raise the light a bit and see if that helps.

    They have all taken off in the 1.1k, the front far more than the back. The front WW and G13 are substantially bigger every day :) Other than that this is more a pic update. Note on the pics; the lighting is so yellow because its my hps bulb. My new mh bulb arrives tomorrow.

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  8. Nice start. Ill watch. :smoke:
  9. So the mh bulb will be here tomorrow, missed it today. Plants are all doing quite well and I was able to move the hood around so the light is more evenly distributed. I moved the WW back left to the front left where crystal use to be. Ph is sitting at 5.6 and topped off the reservoir and added in Cal Mag and brought the ppm up to 210 with Sensi Grow A&B. The temperatures seem to be sitting at high 70's to 82. The water temp is usually 75.8.

    There is a dying leaf on my middle WW and I am debating on cutting it or not. Anyone have a firm stance on pruning? Thanks for following along :) Hope its a interesting grow :D

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  10. As you can see in my pictures the 2 smaller WW have long bent stems. They are slowly starting to fill out but at a much slower pace then the other three. Should I place supports to help keep the plant up until its stem thickens out or just let the plant do it's thing? Thanks :)
  11. i wouldnt prune at this stage in the game. keep an eye on your ph, leaves should be nice and green
    id let the lant do its thing. did you bend those plants over to the lid onthose pics?
  12. Fan?

    If you don't have one that would be my guess to flimsy stems. The more air movement the better, will help with temps too.

    Looking good though:D
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    The next thing I am going to buy is a oscillating fan so that should help.

    No I did not bend those WW over to the bucket. I started germination before the tent was set up and fedex ended up delivering 2 days late >.> So when everything was set up 2 of the WW had stretched allot.

    Ok I will just let the plant do its thing concerning the leaf. It is located on the Front Middle WW and is one of the very bottom leaves. I actually think it is dying because of the lack of light.

    Thanks for the quick replies all :)

    Also small update, fedex decided my note that I left on the door was not enough to leave my light so I have to wait another day >.>
  14. So my mH light got here today but when I plugged it in it flickered on then just died. That happened every time I tried to turn it on. Talking with amazon to get another one sent down, at leaset the hps bulb is working fine.

    I had the light off and noticed that my front middle WW is yellow. My ph is 5.61 and my ppm is 270. My only guess was that the light was too close so I pulled it up. I noticed that the shorter plants where not experiencing this yellowing.

    Other than the yellowing the plants are still growing at a pretty decent rate so thats all good at-least :) Any ideas on the yellowing would be much appreciated. :poke:

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  15. God that really looks like either ph,or she's hungry. She's pretty big for such a low ppm

  16. Ok I would shoot for hungry and thats good I can fix that :smoke: I know my ph is correct because I have been using the calibration solution and I bought the digital HM pen.

    What would you suggest raising the ppm to 400? and thanks for the super quick reply :)
  17. Yeah, id try 400 dude.

    If the very tips start to yellow heavily, its too much.
  18. Allright its sitting at 5.54 ph and 418 ppm. Ill update with pics on friday when the new mH bulb arrives. Hopefully the issue will have been resolved :)
  19. Give her some food :eek:

    You look to be in full veg and could/should be at 800-900 ppm.

    I like to run my ppms up as high as I can. When I see burn on the tips, I flush, then mix a solution 50-100 ppm lower than the burn.

    GL getting your new bulb. Lucky for me I have a fully fleshed out and very helpfull local hydro store.

  20. this isnt always the best way to go..
    youll get the hang of it dude, you DONT want to burn the tips, it just unnecessary stress, AND more work as our friend above so kindly pointed out..
    usually you want to keep your nutrient solution between 800-1200 ppm's. thats from veg to flower. its safe to go a lil above that, but not very necessary.
    youre JUST startin veg, so its safe to be at about 5-700 ppm; thats where I would be at about this point.

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