New 10" GonG Cheap Bong

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  1. I got my first bong this weekend at the local headshop for $40. It's about 10" tall with a perc, icecatcher, and a 8 slotted diffused downstem. It hits amazingly smooth and it is very portable. Very satisfied with my new purchase :smoke:


  2. HELL YES. My first bong was just like that, and I LOVED it. You just spent the best $40 you will in a while:)

    I wish I still had mine, I held on to it for over a year before cops took it :(
  3. Yeah that shit is treating me pretty good so far. Some friends named it Aftershock because you cough your ass off when you exhale :p
  4. Nice gong, man, i have a 1 footer from a convenience store, she cost me 60 or 70 iirc, but the price has been worth it.

    It was originally orange, but I detested the colour, so I took it in the shower every day for a few weeks, and under hot water, I scracted at the paint. It took a while, but I was able to make it clear! I felt so successful! I would reccomend extreme caution be exercised by anyone brining glassware into the shower, it's easy to drop it and hurt yourself or break it. I've broken a few downstems in the shower before, it's a pain in the ass cleaning up broken glass in a steamy shower, while baked...I'll tell you that. :)
  5. lol my bong does that same shit
  6. Sweet piece man, amazing deal for $40!

    Haha, sounds like a good name then.
  7. Sorry to burst your bubble but you were gonna find out one way or another that its painted blue not blue glass.


  8. LOL smoking bongs in the shower, that's hilarious! and dangerous, don't try this at home kids :smoking:

    Nice bong, I don't see a perc for sure tho, i need closeups or it's just a splashguard.
  9. Yeah i found out when i cleaned it. but oh well, it's just color lol
  10. Painted gongs? Wtf.

  11. ya i dont see it being a big deal considering its $40. Great pickup for the price.

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