New $10 bowl!!

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by BeeJee, May 12, 2011.

  1. Just wanted to show you guys a $10 pipe I got from wonderland in Philly! They don't have the best glass but I like the design of this. Tell me what ya think!
  2. $10 well spent my friend. Simple, but classy.
  3. Nice, what you gonna call it ?
  4. yeee mang, 10 bucks for that is such a sweet deal, id easily pay over 25

  5. I'm not sure man. Usually I come up with them right away but this one has me thinking maybe I'll have GC help me out hint hint lol.
  6. Smoke out of it and then you'll think of some awesome name.
    Pretty nice pipe.
  7. pretty sweet for 10 bucks,
  8. goodstuff man
  9. Its green.

    Call it "Blade" as in a GC Blade :hello:
  10. Not a bad pickup. Had one similar to it, but it didn't have a name either.
    Good luck namin it, broseph.
  11. Wonderlands in NJ?
  12. Damn $10 is a deal, my LHS would probably try to sell that for like $30.
  13. Not bad man, I really like its simple design.
  14. Pretty standard but looks good man, good deal too
  15. Name it Dimer, or Dime Bag Darrel.
  16. Call it "Dew"
    Looks like fuckin green mountain dew

  17. <Implying anyone actually likes that shit ass band.
  18. name is "grASS MUNCHER"
  19. Wonderland has real nice glass but the bongs are kinda expensive. I'm from around that area

  20. Pantera is a great band just because you cant handle them doesnt make them bad. It just means you have a different opinion.

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