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New 1/8th of some

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BlitzedinBokey, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. Yo, just picked up an 1/8 3.6g of some stanky stanky chronic...this was my first sack after gettin busted by the popo on halloween...its covered in crystals and red hairs and smells up the room with just like a bowl pack...what u guys think




  2. nice man that looks awesome lots of crystals
  3. Some good ass buds.
  4. yea man i blazed a persy bowl that wouldnt even show up as .1 on the digi and it got me high for 2 hours
  5. Either that is some fire or you're a bitch man!
    I hope it's fire though!
    Nice nugget
  6. Nice buds, what happened halloween?
  7. Damn after seeing all this exotic weed I have to get some instead of this kind bud. lol
    Looks like schwag compared to yours.
  8. very very nice. have a great time tokin that man :)

  9. i aint no bitch...this shit is the chronic 2 hits ur stoned for at least 2 hours whats wrong with smokin a persy bowl when u gotta conserve that shit...this shits the sticky icky fl crippie g u should kno bout that
  10. ill smoke a blunt of anything and be high for no more than an hour...not bragging just the truth i never get high off of two hits of anything (bong, bub, blunt) and i def dont smoke that dirty dirt!!!! :D btw im rolling tonite and uh yea im feeling it!!!! took it 45mins ago whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...see ya!
  11. well idk man that would suck to only be high off an hour...when i twist up an L im blazed for 4 hours u must not have the good dank nuggets
  12. Man that shit puts my garden bud to shame haha. Happy smokin'!

  13. Blunts are a waste of weed. If you were to take two hits off of my vaporizer with my weed you would be high as shit. I don't care how much you smoke, and of what quality, you would get high from two hits of my vape.

    Nice weed Blitzed.
  14. prolly....i wish i had a vap

  15. I usually write all my papers and do all my work and stuff while high, but after I rip the vape it's an impossibility.

  16. thanks man...and what vap are u usin?

  17. Vaperwarez
  18. oh man, that bud looks fine. i would do just about anything to get that stuff up here haha... im jealous

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