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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by ludachris, Jul 2, 2004.

  1. Got this bud today, its pretty dank shit. $25 an 1/8

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  2. heres the whole 1/8

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  3. I need to move near you.. I want those prices for that quailty of bud.. Have fun
  4. looks nice....have fun.... nice hairs too- it would be better if they were purple, but deffinately better than the shit i get.
  5. i just tested this shit, in my glass bong, and im stoned off my ass...quality smoke
  6. $25 an eighth, god damn you have to know a grower, or I'm moving to where you live, that is some flame shit. Smoke on dude. How much an O for that?

  7. Yes I do know a grower, I hooked up my dealer with the grower, and my dealer gives me nice deals. an o would cost me 150. most of his customers would be paying about 190-200 for this shit.
  8. 190-200 for an O. It's goddamn 380-400 for an O out in chicago. Man I really gotta find a grower. Prices in chicago are expensive it's like 60 and eighth, 100-120 for a Quarter 190-200 for a half O and 380-400 an O. That is for dro though, but still in comparison to what you pay I am getting ripped off like all hell, damn big city prices to hell. I would go on with prices but I've never had to buy more than an O.
  9. looks good got some similar to that yesterday got an Oz for 140$ smells skunky tastes yummy and is oh so smooth :smoking:
    toke on :smoke:
  10. still tryin to figure out how to use this cam got it as clear and close as i could without bringin the manual out :D i jus burned one too so focus factor is off on my part bout now too ;)
    toke on :smoke:

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  11. Press the macro button (usually with a small flower symbol) That should do it. Nice looking buds too!

  12. could be the bad focus but those buds look nothing similar or even comparable to ludas buds..
  13. idk if i dont have homegrowns it usualy runs me 220 - 250 for sum good dros.... 250+ for sum purples.... every1 says tahts good prices.... i wouldnt know .. dont buy often lol

  14. $25 canadian, or usd?
  15. i can get an 1/8 for 25$ her in VA but its only mids.

  16. canadian

  17. damn here its like $50 for an 8th.
  18. 50? if thats usd, i get a half oz for as much as u get an 1/8

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