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Neville's Haze Pickup (Review & Macros)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Typewritermonky, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. #1 Typewritermonky, Feb 7, 2009
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    Hey guys, just picked up an eighth of homegrown Neville's Haze from my guy for $35 an eighth. All he had, but I thought I would pick it up since I have heard such good things about it here. Review and pictures below.

    Edit: I talked to my guy and he said he grew it to be Indica Dominant.

    Price: $35 an Eighth.
    Smoke: Every hit I took went down smoothly, stays cherried well, has a nice earth taste on the exhale. I can say that this is probably one of my favorite strains out there.
    High: Neville's Haze gives an incredible cerebral high, and a tingly feeling all over the body. Every nerve is on end, hard to explain. Extreme cases of random outbreaks in laughter. This is a stoned feeling, and I was couch locked for hours.
    Overall: Definitely one of my favorite strains I have ever smoked. One bowl got me and another veteran smoker high for a good three hours before coming down. A nice earthy smell in the bag, nice green nugs with brown/reddish hairs and trichomes everywhere. Let's see if my camera can do them justice. Heavy Indica.

  2. One of my favorites next to blue cheese!

    Enjoy that heavenly herb :smoke:
  3. i was contemplating growing this strain if i can order it. but after seeing this it makes me want it that much more. sounds great.
  4. Ooh very nice man, Neville's Haze is awesome. Isn't more sativa though?
  5. +rep for the helpful review! :hello:
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    Yup thats the fluffly hazeness fore sure dude. That green color is just beautiful... must look even better with your eyes. those are some great looking buds and your description of the earthy taste in on point with haze i'm smoking. how do the buds themselves smell...amonia/piney??

    i also know haze to be more sativa dominant but i guess growing conditions alter the proportions of cannabinods that are produced so that might account for the indica feel to it...idk??? but either way those nugs are lovely and that price is a deal and half for sure and i buy that haze for months at that price.:hello:
  7. Nice nuggz dude. Saw a little bit of purple on some leaves :) great pickup, especially for $ 35 and eighth man. thatd be like $50 down in my area.

    +Rep toke on man

  8. I'd go for it. My guy gave me the three of the seeds in the 3 oz's he got, and I just added them to a grow!
  9. Hm, this Neville's Haze that I picked up in a coffeeshop is definitely sativa dominant. It's such an alert high, yet completely psychedelic at the same time. I just smoked some in a spliff, and I'm soaring! :hippie:
  10. nice review there pal.. looks like got plus rep oh yes you did!

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