NEVILLES HAZE - GHS - 600W HPS Flower Day 12

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  1. Hey-o folks welcome. :wave:

    As you all may already know or assume from things you may have read, this particular plant can be a pain in the ass to grow. But knowing this I am ready to take a journey into completely learning her, and I want to take you guys along!

    This, right here and now, is my very first run, EVER, of GHS- Neville's Haze. From here on out I only intend to learn, I know i will make mistakes, and I hope that all mistakes will be researched and worked out before they can even happen, but I'm human. That being said we can only learn from the mistakes that we can not already avoid.

    I plan on taking cuts from all THREE different phenotypes I believe to have sprouted in hopes to find the most uniform, potent, and resilient genetics of the group. (I can make predictions but only the end result will tell)

    I will keep it uniform buy feeding each plant the same amount and dose of nutrients each and every single time, at the same time, in the same amount. This is to ensure I find proper results, plus Nev is just known to be one hungry skinny bitch! haha. :smoke:

    ANYWAY after all the banter here are my 3 plants - They are sitting in 50/50 Coco/Vermiculite mix.
    today they will be watered with Plain R/O Water - Plus a light "flush feed" solution that includes...

    -6ml/gal Connie A
    -6ml/gal Connie B
    -2ml/gal Pure Blend Pro Bloom Metabolic Mix/Tea
    -Drop/gal Superthrive
    -1/8th tsp EPSOM Salt

    PH- 5.5
    EC- 1.0-1.1

    Each plant gets a full gallon poured through, i usually achieve around 30% Runoff, they are watered approx every 3 days.

    Ill post updated if enough people are interested! other wise I'll just randomly post all the good stuff later ;) Enjoy!:wave:

    *Sorry for the "lighting" I had to lower the exposure on my camera to get a good shot in the HPS lights and had to do a little editing to get it to look somewhat normal, so bare with me ;)*

    1. A shot of them all
    2. the Pheno I believe will become a great sativa with a touch more of the NL#5, ill say 85/15 sativa/indica.
    3. the Pheno I believe will become a smooth hybrid mix with more body of the NL#5 of the 3, ill say 70/30 sativa/indica.
    4. the Pheno I believe will become the most uniform, potent, strong, fast, grower out of the 3. She has great simple "frame" that looks to support great heavy flowers! I'm excited :p, ill say 95/5 sativa/indica.

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