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Neville releases GRAIL (Neville's Haze #21 x Mullumbimby Madness)

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by Aragorn420, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. "MH#21xMM is designed to be the ultimate sativa plant, the absolute peak of quality high but still practical for the indoor grower with good yields and a not too long flower time around 12-14 weeks."

    Some of us have been patiently waiting for Neville's "Grail" after 2 years of R&D and test-grows of various crosses containing Neville's Haze, Mullumbimby Madness, Oaxacan, Kerala, and other exotic Sativas.

    Out of all those test crosses, Nevil has finally named the cream of the crop...

    Nevil's Haze #21 x Mullumbimby Madness

    Landrace,F1,F2, Selfed,Polyhybrid etc
    • Stabilized Polyhybrid
    Nevil's Haze #21 x Mullumbimby Madness
    Parental Information
    The Hazes -

    Nevil's Haze #36 x (Skunk x Mullumbimby Madness) and Nevil's Haze #21 x Mullumbimby Madness

    Nevil is a sativa lover and the finest sativa he has ever encountered is Haze. The Haze story is long and clouded with many unknowns, but we do know that Nevil's Haze has proven itself over the years. Nevil chose two Haze males to work with, he called them A and C. Nevil's Haze is a cross using both males. The mother is made from the Haze A male crossed to Northern Lights #5 - the best indica Nevil has ever found. The male is Haze C - NL5HzA x HzC.

    Nevil grew out a large number of Nevil's Haze and chose two females to work with - #21 and #36. #21 represents the best high, with a soaring, psychedelic old school Thai effect. #36 represents the most practical plant in terms of flowering time, yield, height but is still a very fine high too, which can be categorized as euphoric. Opinions are divided as to which is the best high. The spiritual warrior preferring NH21, will often sneer at the NH36 lover's preoccupation with sybaritic pleasure, while as the sybarite, looks on with perplexity at the 21 lover's attempts to come to grips with his realizations.

    Nevil grew out many sativa lines in the search for something as good as Haze and the one he chose as being the best of them all was Mullumbimby Madness, a line maintained by the same person since 1985 but dating to the early 1970s. It is most likely a Thai type hybridised with something else of very high quality then worked a lot over the years. It has a prolific yield producing huge colas, plants of 10+ pounds are regularly grown outdoors in Australia. It smokes like a fine old Thai. Best of all, unlike Haze it isn't stretchy and flowers indoors in reasonable times. This broad leafed sativa has a high that is profoundly cerebral and long lasting and quite reminiscent of Haze itself. The purist will often claim that the MM is superior to the NH, as the high is unclouded with any indica like characteristics.

    NH#36 x Sk/MM is designed to be the ultimate indoor production plant but with top quality too. The NH#36 is a plant very suited to indoor cultivation with large yields and high quality.

    Crossing it to the Skunk x Mullum father will give plants of really top quality sativa with large yield in 10-12 weeks on average, with the possibility of snagging an 8 week wonder. Nevil considers this line to be akin to Super Silver Haze but expects it will be even better in quality.

    MH#21xMM is designed to be the ultimate sativa plant, the absolute peak of quality high but still practical for the indoor grower with good yields and a not too long flower time around 12-14 weeks.
    Indica/Sativa %
    Sativa Dominant
    Feminized Seeds?
    Indoor / Outdoor
    • Indoor
    • Outdoor
    • Greenhouse
    Bloom Length:
    12 -14
    Flavour Description:
    orange, coffee, spice
    High Type:
  2. Where. Also, I just came.
  3. Google Neville Breedbay.:smoke:
  4. I am highly suspicious of anything that is stated to have Mullumbimby Madness in it as there is no real record of anyone actually still having any true genetics.
  5. Well, you can look on IC mag, there are many pictures of MM and Old Mother by Neville's friends bush and kanga. Shanti is reported to have worked with it quite a bit too.

    I am more interested in the NH x mm/sk, looks to be a nice indoor adaptation of the nh and mm gene-pool.
  6. 12 - 14 weeks = 'You can't be serious!' That's 2 cycles.
  7. Well beleive it or not that is cut down for equitorial sats that the line is comprised of. Sativa to the max.
  8. Hey man, do you know if the NH used in this cross is #36 or #23? I've seen both for sale. Reeferman's new site is offering Nev's new stuff, BTW.
  9. Not for a plant of this caliber that's 87.5% Sativa.

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