never would of tought walking out the door part 2

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  1. So warning this is goina be long so if you don't want to read it DON'T read it it might not be all correct in selling and what not but if that's you petpeeve DON'T READ IT I DON'T WANT ANY ANNOYING COMMENTS PLEZ

    so this is the part 2 to the post I did earlier today about how I spent a totaly random day lol .I got bitched out on my earlier thred about my lack of periods and paragraphs for that matter by the "lovely laid back grasscity coummity " picking on the stone kid with dyslexia great karma by the way lol.

    But any who I started the day with a major Keller of a hang over but wanted to share my experience so I decided to triumph threw it for 10 mins or so then go back to sleep. You can reed it I wrote it a little earlier today . So I had a bottle left over from turkey day and decided to treat my self I have been going hard with all the family appearances this week and haven't laid back and had a bruno mars lazy day in a while so I got some mango flavered orange juice and commenced to drinking.

    So I'm feeling pretty huzzed and I hear a knock on my bed room soo and natural I think is one of my younger siblings wanting something or just to ask a million questions and annoy me. So when I hear it I give em the what do'ya want response like leave me alone lol. But I hear a "don WHAT me boy" from a familiar voice and I hurry to open the door and is my mothers old friends and a woman I had a crush on since I was 7.

    I used to go over her house with my mother so she could party play cards and drink and I could play with her daughter. We used to have to go in the back and watch a movie and play while the grown file smoked weed when It got a little later in the evening. Even when I was 7 she looked good and seeing her now anterior about a 5 or 6 year brake it was a good surprise she was a sight for sore eyes. I'm 18 now but I look far from it I could buy beer and bottles where I'm from mostly because my grand parents (Nanna and papa lol ) lived in the same house for 18 to 19 years. And they smoke a pack a day and drink bottles lime there juice boxes lol.

    And there's only 2 liquor stores and 4 gass stations around and they all know my family and I by name lol so I get sold to because of my older looks and family tiets. but and who my moms friend looked good and hey 18 would get you 20 even tho she was over 20. I like my demon lime I lime my liquor aged. And her and my mother drank wine witch she denied me because there was only one bottle and to of them....."alcoholics" lol

    So they talk and drink for a while and I come out to watch a little tv with them. Later my mom walks down to yell at my little brother and sister and stays for a while we all knew she was out for the count. One bottle of wine split between the to and idk how many j's they rolled . But when my moms friend was ready to leave she says she's goina roll a j and ask for ky grinder and ask if I would park take in smoking with her. I say yes and go fetch my mother. She's half way sleep with her wine glass half full or half empty dependi0ng on your personal views lol. So we go on to the gazibo and smoke up it was some good to I was teeming her about being a first timer because she was coughing super hard. So the jay tats to a reach Nd I light a Ciggaret and she hits the blunt one more time a weaves my mother and I say our good bys and se ya layers and chill.

    In the middle of my Ciggaret she goes in and tells me to lock up when I get back in. So I kick my feet in the other chair up and decided to smoke the reach Nd cake kb the phone with a girl I have in TX. I iLl and she says she's goina call back in 10 then my moms comes back out and I ask for a SIP of her win and she gives me the glass and we talk about old times of when I couldent smoke and story's of me and doing horrible in school lol.

    But .well that was my day you never know whats goina happen when you open the door. So I wanta hear your the story's about a time when you wouldent of know when you opened the door. I wrote a lot so I'm not spell checking and I have dyslexia so that's the best your goina get. :wave:
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