Never would I ever...

Discussion in 'General' started by zombiegreen, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. What do you find to be taboo? Or something you just wouldn't do?

    I'll start never would I ever eat liquorice willingly, it's fucking gross tasting to me
  2. Have sex with an animal.
  3. Hit a woman
  4. support Obama
  5. I would never stop smoking buds..
  6. drive drunk. ive done some really stupid shit while im drunk, but my grandpa was killed by a drunk driver when i was young and i never want to make anyone feel how i did then
  7. never would i ever smoke tobacco
  8. Never would I have gay sex
  9. I thought this was going to be never have I ever. lol ;o
  10. Roll in mud like a piglet unless two hot ass girls are there.
  11. but if there's only 1 hot girl...?
  12. Aww man. During soccer season we would have practice in the rain and it would get so muddy. We would scrimmage diving headers and get stoked.
    My favorite high school days.
    We would also have the shower team 10/11/12 in there.. Locker room shit. You know... :hide:
  13. Eat my poop

  14. Just Yours?
    Go to a nude beach. Old man balls scare me.
  15. Never would I ever not say never say never.

  16. Haha of course I know what happens in the Locker room, that's why I was always strap with my towel by my side lol

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