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Never used coconut oil before just only butter help please!!!

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Deleted member 923969, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. I only know how to make butter and that involves a crock pot how do I even start off with this different method of extraction involving coconut oil. I bought 30 fl oz of louanna coconut oil how much do I use for a half ounce

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  2. I would use 1/2 to one cup of oil. Have you considered decarbing and then grinding finely to powder and not straining? This gives you 100% utilization because you don't have the losses from extraction.
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  3. Look in the stickies. There is a thread there by BrassnWood titled hallucinating hash capsules that will explain the whole process.
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  4. Wasn't able to find the thread but looked more into hash capsules they sound like it would put you on cloud nine gonna have to try making some capsules the next time I make edibles. Got a 50th anniversary of Woodstock a town nearby is celebrating jamming to Jimi Hendrix tomorrow so I'm gonna get lit up like no tomorrow and be soaring on eagles wings with my eyes redder than mercury

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  5. Whatever works for butter is almost certain to also work for coconut oil.
    So you could just do your usual method, but BrassNwood's is almost certainly more potent.

    I prefer oils that are liquid at room temp, like olive or avocado.
    How much oil to use depends on how strong you want the result to be, and what you want to use it for.

    Here's the rough equivalent of BrassNwood's method that uses flower instead of kief. It can produce size 00 capsules that contain a bit less than 20 mg thc each.
    1. Decarb @ 240 F for 40 min using a verifying thermometer.
    2. Grind to fine powder.
    3. Mix together (7 g Herb) + (7 g Lecithin) + (36 g AnyOil) = 56*(size 00 caps) + (2 g wastage).
    4. Quickly preheat mixture to 220 F, and bake at that temp for 20 min.
    5. Freeze the mixture.
    6. Thaw, and repeat step 4.
    7. Use a candy dropper to put into caps.
    This recipe can be modified to make more or fewer caps.
    It can also be modified to make the caps stronger or weaker, but more than 0.15 g herb is hard to get into caps.

    The oil can also be used to make quick bake cookies, and coconut might be best for that.
    Each gram of oil will have a bit more than 20 mg thc.
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  6. I got my coconut oil infusion info from ardent cannabis .com
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  7. I also own Ardent Lift, and have tried Ardent's infusion method.
    It works about as well as anything else, including BrassNwood's method, if lecithin is also used.

    But 40-60 min @ 220 F in the oven without freezing also works very well.
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  8. Follow @BrassNwood recipe:

    The basic ratio is
    5 grams of hash-kief (dry ice method with a 160 micron screen)
    2.5 teaspoons of oil
    .5 teaspoon lecithin..
    Decarb material 240F for 40 minutes
    Blend decarbed material with oil and heat 220 F for 20 minutes..

    I make it exactly that way, but I use caps size 4 (lots smaller) and I drop 4-5drops in cap. It depends on your tolerance, but 4 drops hits me like shotgun!

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  9. Hey bkrnaze. I use powdered lecithin - do I weigh it to 7g or is there a tsp or tbs measurement.
    Also - how many tsp, tbs, or cups is 36g of oil?

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  10. I think powdered lecithin is about half the strength of liquid, and both work fine.
    I prefer the liquid because it mixes into oil easier.

    The actual amount of lecithin is immaterial, as long as a minimum amount is exceeded, and it has about the same density as oil, so
    7 g Lecithin = (7 g Lecithin)*(1 mL / 0.92 g)*(1 tsp / 3 mL) = 2.5 tsp Lecithin

    36 g Oil = (36 g Oil)*(1 mL / 0.92 g) = 39 mL * (1 Tbs / 15 mL) = 2.6 Tbs

    I find it easier to set a container on a scale, and add ingredients by the gram.
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