Never Used Coco, Help?

Discussion in 'Coco Coir' started by rollup420, May 21, 2013.

  1. Hey coco growers, ive never used coco or hydroponics but i like the results ive been seeing people get using small pots of coco. im very interested in starting another indoor grow using coco but dont know where to begin. ive read all of the stickies in this section but cant seem to find exactly what im looking for. I want to do an organic coco grow using only un-ph'd water. Has anyone here ever done that? If so, will you please give me some hints if not your full technique ? lol Thanks in advance

  2. there is a search function
    try that
  3. Cant use the search on my tablet ,
  4. oh, well just read through some threads in this coco forum
    AskEd has some good info and I believe he may have even ran organics in coco
    you just gotta read read read read bro
    see what works for one person and copy that shit, if it doesn't work for ya, try something else
    im doing a current grow using coco and un ph'd tap water all organic 2 :) my tap waters aboy ph8.0 yet my run off is always really low iv had to raise the ph of the soil a few times which is a tad puzzling but it works fine mate give it a go
  6. what brand of coco are you using and what type of amendments did you use?
  7. just general coco coir off internet, i only added perlite thats all, fed with AN organic range, molasses , and epsom salts now and then to assure no mag dificiencys
  8. The Mix I run with is on my journal in the signature. That will give you a good idea as to what amendments you might like to try.  I have a bunch of photographic evidence of the results as well  :ey:
  9. Growing with coco is simple.   You do have to check your pH though.   You want pH 5.5 - 6.5, aim for 5.8 and you're safe.   I would suggest considering using a coco specific nutrient, or you'll probably have to supplement with cal-mag (as calcium will stick to the coco making it unavailable to your plants, you have to over-saturate these nutrients so there's enough for both).
    You can't really over water a good coco, so water away, and grow in a simple manner. 

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