Never used a vaporizer before.

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  1. But I am interested in buying one. Does it affect the high at all? I don't want to spend too much money though. I am tired of smoking but still like getting high. Any suggestions?
  2. I would suggest making a light bulb vaporizer to see what the differences in effects are. It's a cheap and easy way to dabble in vaporization without the burden of a $500 machine, or wasting good money on a cheap-o vaporizer that won't impress you in the long run.

    I have asthma/arthritis and enjoy the high because it helps deal with the joint pain, but breathing harsh smoke is rough on my lungs. In the few weeks I've switched from a water pipe to vaporization I've noticed a considerable difference in the way my lungs feel. Vaporizing in the lower temperature ranges (below ~180 degrees) is smooth, tasty and incredibly efficient. Afterwards my lungs feel great, and the high is very nice.

    I find the high to be a little more of a "head high". Very enjoyable and I'm quite functional while on. I rarely feel the couchlocked feeling unless I up the temperatures on the vape to near combustion point.

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    Depends on how much you wanna spend. I would recommend getting a quality vaporizer if any vaporizer at all.. either Da Buddha vaporizer or the Silver Surfer vaporizer, you don't want to waste your time with cheapo vapes.

    And the high you get from the vaporizer has more of a mellow type high, i do believe it gets you considerably higher. :smoke:

  4. Considerable is an understatement. Underpack the bowl the first time and wait 15 min., you'll be very surprised.
  5. check out the magic flight launch box thread and see if it sounds appealing to you. This is how I started out vaping (and still swear by it) and havent turned back to smoking. Its a small, stealthy, low odor and cost effective device that saves you in the long run, highly reccomended it. The high from vapor differs from smoking, the first time I tried it I didnt think it worked at all. Its a more clear and productive high.
  6. Pretty much what kaulen said, id recommend a MFLB. Picked mine up yesterday for 120 in store ( you can find it for around 100 online) and i really cant explain how happy i am with it.

    I can smoke in my house without anyone really noticing & the high like stated is different, im not finding myself couch locked and lazy. It was my first vape, and I highly recommend it.

  7. Ahaha, well you know what i mean... ill give your little method a try as well, proud owner of the ssv here :smoke:
  8. I just tried the lightbulb thing. I feel like I smoked a crackpipe. Not even sure if I did it right. Is the smoke supposed to get a whitish color like the smoke or does it look more clear?

    Also so does it take 15 minutes to kick in?
  9. I only feel a little high.
  10. For a lightbulb vape, I usually prefer using a torch lighter or propane torch. Position the herb right over the flame and wait until the glass turns barely red hot and pull away. You'll have to "sip" it for a few minutes instead of baking it all in one huge hit like usual. If you do it right you'll see a white vapor coming off the herb until it's the consistency of coffee and smells like fresh hay. If it smells like burnt popcorn you're entering the combustion zone.
  11. You should never use a lightbulb. Not trying to be preachy but there is a ton of chemicals in there that should not be inhaled, especially if its one of those frosted ones. No one mentioned those types so I hope thats not what you used. If you still choose to use a lightbulb, put some salt in and shake it all around until the frosting comes off, or if not frosted just shake it around really well and wash it out even better. I highly reccomend never using lightbulbs, just my two cents..
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    The Arizer Extreme Q is a very good investment IMO. Fills bags and has teh whip, you can get one with a battery pack too....Also heard good reviews about Silver Surfer and da Buddah. The ioite and mflb are good on teh go, but the MFLB is often a hit or miss with people because it lacks temperature may miss having those higher cannabinoids, many aren't satisfied with the clearer head high from vaping at lower temps

    edit: completely forgot I've combusted in the mflb before though....started flipping out lol. I definitely gave it a lot of battery though. Only combusted a little part of the product though
  13. I'd say for a first time vaper.. that the mflb is probably NOT the vape you want to start out with... its a great vape for a more experienced vaper...

    I highly recommend the Extreme Q.. its probably the cheapest best vape on the market.. @160 w/ Free Shipping on amazon.. you really can't beat it.. comes with a whip or bag system.. 3 speed fan.. remote control... can connect it to any bong with a 18mm joint.. and I can get completely ripped from my EQ on .1 grams of weed.. and sometimes have a little left over for the next round
  14. All the vapes recommended here are of good quality (going by all the research I did before I bought mine, not that I've actually used them all). I finally got the Extreme Q by Arizer. It is the most versatile and highest-quality vape out there for the price, imo. Also very popular are the Silver Surfer and Da Buddha (same company). The MFLB is popular for portable vapes, but I wanted a regular desktop unit for everyday use.

    The main thing that I would emphasize is to not go cheap! You can get vapes for $20 or $30 but they're gonna suck. There are a lot of quality units to be had for around $200 or less, though. Oh, if nobody's suggested it yet, there's a wealth of good vape info at

    It'll take a little time to learn how to use it optimally. I'm sure I wasted a lot of potential high when I first started. You can get so much out of so little and while it didn't make the lungs as happy as quitting cigarettes, it was actually significant as I had been smoking quite a bit of MJ.
  15. i'll second FuckCombustion.. i did a lot of reading on that forum before deciding on my choice in vapes.. hell.. the Extreme Q and mflb threads combined probably have close to 800-1000 pages
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    ^^^Look up the Wispr if you don't mind paying a bit more, it's the new version of the Iolite and solves a lot of the problems with the Iolite (which I thought was great, apart from that it seems a lot of people's break, though my mate didn't have many problems with his). Definitely worth checking out:

    If you don't wanna pay a bit more, I loved the Iolite though i've seen quite a lot of negativity towards it, especially on FC.
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    I bought a vape, the best $33 I EVER spent.

    You've got to make sure you find the correct temperature, and on my particular piece that temp was 378. Enough to get a steady vapor stream from the bowl, but not hot enough to burn it.

    You can find cheap $30-$50 dollar vaporizers online, and they are perfectly adequate. A vaporizer is simply a ceramic heating element (like those in soldering irons) with a 'calibrated' variable resister to control the temperature. The differing in quality will come with the accuracy of that temperature calibration, the speed it heats up, and how well it maintains its temperature.

    With all vaporizers you have to leave them on for 15 mins at maximum temperature right out of the box. Don't let it out of your sight. This is to burn off the packing oils that you do NOT want to inhale.

    How I smoke mine:

    I like to fill the bowl with a layer about 5mm, and then I start to draw on it lightly as I slip the bowl over the heating element. The reason for this, is so the weed stays planted to the screen instead of falling and burning on the heating element. I stir the bowl after every hit with a toothpick, and then when the weed is shit brown I take it out and roll it up. Seriously the best shit for rolling ever. If your bowl is black then you over cooked it with either too much heat, or too many hits.

    You can also burn bowls on vaporizers. The hit is much hotter, much harder, and MUCH heavier. It you crank your vape up to 400 and take a nice hit, you'll be fucked up very quickly. I've heard of people getting impatient with their temperature settings, and sticking it straight to max. One hit like that and they're done lol. One guy even felt sick after it hahahaha.

    The expensive vaporizers IMO are not worth the money. They are very inexpensive to make, and I see no reason to buy those over the cheaper ones.
  18. Never used a Vapir man so I can't say, but you won't be disappointed with the Wispr and I found the Iolite to be great for beginners, no learning curve and so easy to use.

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