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Never understood blunts.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Jamanoid, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. I don't smoke anymore myself only use the vapouriser.

    Blunts, I get the concept.
    What I mean is that the ones you buy two to a pack, that are usually flavoured.
    They don't seem to have a sticky side, and they just have a plastic tube in there with them.

    What is the tube for?
    How does one use these blunts?
  2. tube is for freshness...usually you just crack it down the middle with your thumbs and empty the guts.
  3. These ones I'm talking about don't need cracking.
    They are like an open paper. Like a rolling paper but larger.
  4. The tube is to help them keep the "rolled up" shape. Makes em a whole lot easier to roll than flat papers. And you don't even need a sticky side to roll blunts (although most blunt wraps have them anyway). Cigarillos will stick if you lick them, no sticky side needed.
  5. The one your talking about are 'blunt wraps' and they are wrapped in the tube so that the paper won't rip as well as freshness.
  6. those things are worse than the average cigar used to roll a blunt in my opinion
  7. They're the only wraps my roomies will use haha
  8. I love these, best flavors out there, and there IS a sticky side.

    You tear that little Beige strip off and roll that to the outside, then lick and stick.
  9. find a Dutch Master and a pro to show you how to roll one
  10. the tube is just in there to keep the blunt wrap rolled up....i just roll them wraps like a doob a very fat doob ;) but if ur gonna go with a blunt dump the wraps and get u a swisher sweet strawberry or blueberry cigaraillo then ull be smokin a good smooth long lasting good tastin blunt

  11. This. The tobacco "leaves" in the wrap, without tobacco in them, will dry out much quicker in air than a blunt would. The tube keeps the air out, and keeps a good moisture level in for easy rolling.

  12. Do what this guy said, but instead you could always watch some YouTube videos if you don't know anyone who knows how to roll a dutchmaster to perfection.

    You'll appreciate blunts way more this way than smoking those fast burning, chemically coated, and fidgitty rolling blunt wraps.

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