never trust a female dealer...

Discussion in 'General' started by tokken91, Jul 15, 2010.

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  1. my dealer (who is female) doesn't want to deal to me because "i look like her asshole ex-boyfriend". i don't have a clue who the guy is and now i'[m out of weed for the afternoon just cause i happen to look like him, anyone else have this shit happen to them?
  2. lol that's retarded

    she only has to look at you long enough to hand you a bag and grab your cash
  3. She obviously either has nothing to sell and doesn't want to admit it or can't be bothered to serve you and doesn't want to admit it.
  4. I've never met a strictly female dealer that wasn't only in the game because she's doing her BFs dirty work.

    Wait nevermind.. I forgot about coke for a second. That's a whole nother story. You really can't trust those chicks.. Crazy as batshit on crackers.
  5. OK dude, it was a bit unfair to all of our bladies to title this thread the way you did when your only bad experience is with one female dealer. And I don't know about you, but I have nothing but love for the bladies out there. It's a rare breed indeed. :D :smoking:

    That being said, just try and get one of your friends (that you obviously TRUST) to go buy the weed from her. Dunno WTF she has with YOU, as her logic clearly isn't. I wouldn't waste your time trying to figure it out either.
  6. my dealer all throughout highschool was a chick. best dealer i've ever had. Good nugs, great prices and a couple of times ULTRA great pussy!!! ;)
  7. eh sounds like a bitch. Maybe she can afford to be so picky with who sells weed to :confused_2:
  8. that's what i thought but it's kind of retarded how every female dealer ive ever known let's emotions become involved in there work way to often, one more reason why weed's is just a t.v. show come to think of it that lady didn't even turn out well....
  9. Dude that chick clearly doesn't know what the fuck she is doing if she is making business decisions based on you looking like a boyfriend she used to have. That should send up a red flag right away that you don't want to be in business with her, and she'd be like your boss you'd have to keep in contact with her dumb ass. Wow.. I usually would say to just say fuck it and stay away from that crazy bitch but if you talk to her again, tell her that you don't want to be supplied by a clueless bimbo bitch anyway, and that you understand why the dude who looked like you left her stupid ass and you don't want her whack ass weed anyway.

    Don't give up your self respect for some weed dude. Is it really worth tucking your tail between your legs? It's not dude. :smoke: Just my two cents
  10. She's sexy as hell. But i'd recommend being more low-key about your dealing than making a hit tv show about it. looks a lil bit suspicious.
  11. works for me man just kinda bummed out about it, happened last night and my other 2 connects weren't available so it ruined an otherwise good night...
  12. you should have said,

    "fuck your ex, gimme my weed."
  13. i would laugh my ass off if that lady actually slinged in real life, considering how much she makes off that show she probly doesn't need to tho..
  14. I'd be willing to bet there's another reason why she's doesn't want to do business with you. She's probably just not bold enough to swing the hammer and tell you what really bothers her about you.

    Also, way to generalize...
  15. I seriously wasn't being serious. Seriously. Except for when I said that she is one sexy woman. But i saw something somewhere some time ago where she was on my tv saying she doesn't even smoke weed. and that she is leaving the show after this upcoming season. They should make more drug related shows though. I think it's good for the economy.
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    they need to end this bullshit of medical marijuana and a shit-ton of semi-legal "Grey laws" so i can buy some good ass weed and not have to deal with crazy bitches to get it..BTW im not saying medical marijuana is bad just saying its b.s. that instead of just making it legal to begin with i have to find a doctor and fake some vague condition to get really good bud without growing it myself..
  17. Hahaha what non-sense!

    Dude, that totally would have worked!

    OP, why didn't you try this? lol
  18. too be honest i thought about saying that, but she was already emotional and i didn't want to have to sit through a bitchfest....
  19. Lol female dealers are alrite...I've got some great deals in the past! :D
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