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Never tried a bong but....

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stamford1601, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. I'm really keen to try one ! Always smoked joints on and off for a few years and just started getting back into it as I have a very stressful job and wanted to try something different.. So where do I start ? 
    Don't want to spend ££'s so just looking to try it and see how it pans out. Seen tyhe acrylic ones, any suggestions for a strating point ?

  2. Build one...Cheap, easyish, and relatively safe.
    Just don't get carried away, it gets more dangerous that way. :cool:
  3. just pick up like a 20 dollar acrylic bong at your local headshop. If you find you really like it, eventually go and upgrade to some decent glass, you won't regret it. Besides acrylic bongs really suck to clean and you'll probably want to just toss it after a while..
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    This. I went with glass on glass for my first piece, always a good recommendation if you have the extra dough. You'll never regret a good glass investment, especially if you buy one for under 60 ($) ,but at one point you'll wish you never even spent the money on acrylic.
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  5. For a sweet cheap bit of glass on glass look out for the 3 arm perc beaker base- black leaf. You can find it for cheap, I got mine for £35 then bought a £15 roor bowl.
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  6. You'll find a huge difference between acrylic and glass bongs.
    Go with a nice cheap mini bong and that will allow you to experience a relatively quick smooth hit.
    I won't ever get another acrylic bong again, even if they don't break as easy.
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  7. Cheers folks.. Some good advice there. I'll have a look around for a glass one. As a noob, do they normally all come with bowls ready to hit a smoke ?
    Any recommended UK sites for bongs ? I'm all Googled out, so if someone has a good recommendation then fab
  8. Ali bongos had to be the best in my opinion, honestly the cheapest prices about and they have heaps of variety, you'll find good cheap glass on there.
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  9. Don't build one like mentioned before. Unless you live with parents or something. There are a lot of good cheap "starter" bongs. Just go to a local smoke shop Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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  10. I feel like bongs are overrated .They are such a hassle and a bubbler gets me just as ripped and is so convenient.Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  11. [quote name="mrmuffinman" post="19445908" timestamp="1391237356"]I feel like bongs are overrated .They are such a hassle and a bubbler gets me just as ripped and is so convenient.Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Grasscity Forum mobile app[/quote]That's why I like my bong, small only about 13 in tal. Small tube, so easy to hold and carry, and natural stem so no down stem to clean or worry about.
  12. Honestly just drop like 150$ on a decent glass bong, if you don't like it resell it but I'm sure you will Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  13. go down to yo head sto' n buy da biggest bizzong dey got
  14. Can anyone post some links or drop me a message ? Looking to spend between £20 - £30 for a first one... So many to choose from and dunno where to start  :confused:
  15. Acrylic bongs suck, they are harsher and they make the taste terrible.
  16. Yeah all bongs come with bowls & there's usually some pretty dope bowls you can talk them into knocking the price down

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