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Never thought Id say this but I want middies connects

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420 High Times, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. So all of my dealers deal dank (some high mids) but I want to get like 1/4 for 30.00 Like everyone on here posts about. Is there any way to get ahold of the people dealing middies b/c Im low on money until I get taxes back so I want a good amount for cheap.

    Do you guys who only buy mids get frusterated about not getting dank? haha b/c i feel like most people dont say they want mids
  2. I get my mids for $30 a fourth. It always smokes great and never lets me down I don't get fire that much because i like to keep it as a treat. If i smoke Fire too much then it will be the norm and that won't do.

    Just keep expanding your network man. You'll find someone eventually.
  3. #3 BlueBats, Feb 20, 2009
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    my main guy sells some dank dank and also some brick.
    His brick is not bad at all actually gets me high, only for like a hour or so but for 50 a Oz and maybe only 10-15 seeds not a bad deal. my dank will run me between 50-60 a 8th
  4. I like to keep a quarter or more of mids sitting around for my daily use, and have the good stuff in a jar for a treat. The mids I sit on are a bit more though(~$20 an eighth), but they're pretty good quality mids.
  5. Yeah I was going to PU a 1/4 oz to make some BHO, alas my mids guy left for 6mths for work...lame
  6. maybe u can just ask ur dank dealers if they have any middies connect, that is how i got mine.

  7. Isnt that kind of like going into a tattoo shop and asking for a location for a different tattoo shop?

    Like do dealers get mad or not like it when you ask them for different dealers?
  8. naw man I make it a point to let my dealers know that I have more hook ups Keeps them wanting my business they wont pull shit with me when I have elsewhere to go

  9. Ok that makse sense I guess, But if I was a dealer I think I wouldnt tell people of other connects just for that reason, So they would have to come back to me
  10. You'll laugh but I buy high mids once in awhile just to have something different from the sticky buds I grow. Once a year or so I'll buy a few ounces of good mids.
  11. just ask your dank dude if he has any mids and if says no be like well moneys pretty tight and im looking for quantity so you think you can mabey hook me up with someone who will and if they say no then hey at least you tried
  12. Just realized I never answered your question in my last post :p

    I'd ask your dealer, and say that you don't like smoking his weed out of blunts because you feel like it's a waste, and ask if he has a hookup for some mids. To me that wouldn't sound as bad, since you're complimenting his weed.
  13. I would have never known. At least you're not a snob. You keep it real lol.:hello:
  14. Sure. It's like food. I love to cook, and most nights we eat gourmet quality meals. Sometimes, however, we just like to chow down on hot dogs, sloppy joes, pizza, etc.

    I love the herb. Unless it's really nasty schwagg I can find something to appreciate about most cannabis I've come across. Buying 'high mids' has also led me to discover some good genetics over the years. A lot of growers are snobs about the seed they sow, but some of the best plants I've grown were from bagseed. Hell, the latest hybrid strain I'm working on is 50% some unknown Sativa that was from some 'mids' that were only sold as mids because it was seedy. The stuff was kickass so I saved the seeds, and now I have the bud that I'm smoking right now because of it ('What I'm smoking' in my sig), a cross of those aforementioned 'mids' and Northern Lights #5.
  15. According to your post all your dealers sell high mids. Just get 'em from them.

    And dank isnt high mids btw. ;)

  16. I know dank isnt high mids but im saying I only know people who sell high mids to dank, I dont know anyone who sells mids. Like I hear people on here always talking about how an average price of mids like like 20.00 to 25.00 for 1/8...why cant I find anyone selling 20.00 for 1/8??? haha
  17. You can't go by the prices you read here because they vary by location quite a bit.
  18. Around here it's really hard to find any dank. In fact your lucky to get high mids, but I like it this way because mids still do the job and they are cheaper. I get 1/4 for about $45-50. Plus, if you smoked dank all the time, you wouldn't ever have anything to just have fun with. Smoke mids alone, smoke dank OCCASIONALLY with your friends
  19. If I were you I would just save up and buy dank. I just got a mids pickup for the first time and I definantley don't like it that much. Dank is just better in every way to me.
  20. lol i mostly smoke high mids and i get them for 30 a 8th =D might be cus im friends with my dealer tho or cus hes a new dealer and doesnt know 2 much lol but i wish i had some more dank dealers mids are great and all but having some dank every now and then would be great

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