Never thought I'd hear the words come from my mouth. Cutting back!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by DurbanPoison, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. Well, everyone - I've got to tell you... I'm the happiest man on the face of this planet tonight.

    I've come to a major halt in my life. My first love, and probebly my only true love contacted me today. A lot has happened in her life, and she had to go away for a while, and she's back to visit for a while this week.

    Well, we got to talking, and she confessed that she wanted to get back together when she came back (to stay, around late june, early july)... and I must say - I've never been happier.
    Going on a year now, I've been completly in shambles of this girl - it was my fault we split in the first place... worst mistake I've ever made. I've regretted it horribly every single day since.

    The only catch here is - she wants me to get clean. I told her I would never want to get completly clean and she said she could probebly tolerate my usage on weekends and such.

    I'd never thought I'd say it - but this girl is worth quitting over. Thank god she isn't making me. I am going to start cutting back however... and my goal is to move to only smoking on weekends by the time she gets back.

    It will be hard - me being a daily toker... but it's more then worth it.

    I love the girl more then pretty much anything in this world,
    and afterall - we are professionals.
  2. brother i think me and you are pretty tight...and love is powerfull..i support you all the way man..youll be is one hard thing to deal with...but i understand.
  3. lol, wow man, well if that's the case then congratulations on having a relationship that's that good.

    Personally I think that if I ever settle down I'll do that by my own free will, just cuz I feel that cannabis, like everything, has its pros and cons and I think that as long as a good relaxing weekend is in order then it wouldn't be so bad I guess.

    Besides, you'll end up spending way less on bud that way too, just reup your usual amount and it will probably last you 1.5 to two months on a weekend only schedule (unless you get really really really ripped on the weekends . . .)
  4. yea good luck man u will b fine. i only smoke on the weekends and i have the best times ever.
  5. Thank you guys. ^_^ I will definitly need help, and I know you guys are there for me - and there is nothing better in the world then that feeling... well, other then what I've experianced tonight. LoL

    I love you all, and it is you who help me through tough times.

    I feel the love in the world tonight.

    The love of GC, the love of my own relationships, man...

    I'm speechless.

  6. tomorrow is such a long time
  7. i also have to stop smoking i might get probation :( and during the summer...fuckkkkk....we can help each other durban
  8. Amen to teamwork brother. I wish you the best in your situation, and if worse comes to worse, and you do get p/b, the I'll be right here for ya' bro.
  9. thanks man i appreciate it bro
  10. Anytime man. Absolutly anytime. ^_^
  11. ima need it...herb changed my life..there is something missing in my heart when im not aloud to smoke..its depressing i need a break anmyways i was smoke\ing 2 joints a day...too lungs need to rest...but when i start smoking agin trust me im buying a ounce and rolling the fatest joint ever...and blazing it to KMK ima smoke weed for the rest my life
  12. yeah dudes like you guys i've been trying to cut back too lol. i'm training in martial arts and i feel like when i smoke during the day i barely get shit done. i used to be able to but i got to UC Santa Cruz and i've been smokin daily since. shit it's hard and i'm on day 3 right now lol. wish you guys the best of luck with your situations.
  13. I honor your self control & reasoning skills, Shows how much you really appreciate this girl. I am truly happy for you, I hope everything works out! :smoke:
  14. Lol, oldish thread, but since it's been bumped. How's it goin with the chica DP? Everything goin smooth?
  15. way to necro this thread. wtf?
  16. I don't get it...

    When someone creates a thread that has been created before, there are many "USE THE SEARCH BUTTON, NOOBCAKE!" replies.

    But when someone does use the search button, there are many "WAY TO BRING THIS THREAD BACK FROM THE DEAD, D00SH!" replies.

    Theres no winning. :confused:
  17. You get the info from old threads, you don't reply to them.....
  18. Hey, man.. Great news! I do not know your situation completely, but be careful not to allow her to have too much sway with your life. It is important to keep a level of control over your own identity, even from your loved ones. What I mean is that you should make sure that the decisions you make, within and without her relationship are solely your decisions -- not a result of what she wants. If it is always about pleasing her then you will be just another pussywhipped guy who will be left in shambles once again. I'm not saying this to degrade women in any way, for maintaining your own identity & always sustaining clear differences between each other will result in a healthier relationship where you will never grow bored of each other.

    Like I said, I don't know the full scope of your relationship at all. I can just tell that you really like this girl, & I know the feeling of "I want to do anything to please her", because trust me, I've been there, but it's very important not to allow yourself to fall under a love spell, because that will most likely cause some psychological problems.

    It is always nice to once again be with the ones you love. & I must say, I don't really smoke around my girl friend too often, because I feel I can more properly express myself to others when I'm not high.

  19. thats cool man it would probably lower your tolorence level too
  20. Exactly

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