never thought i'd do that

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. I just submitted a tip to the DEA :eek:... cuz fuck gettin screwed outta 2000 dollars when i only make like 14,000 a year.

    but hey, i warned him, n he refuses to cooperate, karma\'s a bitch, i figure he\'ll get a year in federal prison for every 100 dollars he took from me :hello:
  2. weak dawg.

    I expect more from ya. Either a story to back it up OR a curb stomp. One of those lol
  3. What a lil snitch, lil pussy ass bitches like you are who get shot.
  4. I would have expected you to shoot the muhfucker before you snitch. Now that aint riiight.

    On the real though, bad move.
  5. thats what happens to dirty motherfuckers that cant do buiseness right :hello:

    i dont aprove of snitching but if he ripped you 2 grand fuck\'em

    as long as assholes like that are locked up it makes doing buiseness alot easier for the rest of us
  6. I don\'t think the DEA is going to do anything. They\'re already tied up with all the medicinal marijuana dispenseries here in California.
  7. Fuck that shit, You take care of bizz.

    Snitches end up in ditches, Nuff said.
  8. You caint break that code and expect no consequences dude, everybody knows what comes to snitches. Someone gonna find out and you gonna be deeper than you can handle. You shoulda gone at that shit yourself, like I said earlier. Watch your back man, never know who knows what you did.
  9. Agreed
  10. damn neg, your the last person I expect to narc someone out
    your a snitch now, that sucks:eek:

    you should have did everything in your power to get your cash back, but use the cops

    shit it\'s common sense, plus if you narc out the dude, who knows who else he might try to bring down with him

    feel bad for you losing all that change, but now this dude is goin to jail; sucks
  11. I lost alot of respect for sorry to say.

    Someone will find out soon, I feel bad for you.

    I think you just have a death wish or something.:confused_2:
  12. Well, there goes all street cred that you have accumulated. Hopefully you are at least ashamed of yourself. I would be if I were you. Im happy I have never exchanged any personal stories/info with you because I would be pretty nervous right about now. Everyone should take a mental note. Hell, it should be a sticky.
  13. I don\'t see the problem. The guy ripped him off for 2 grand, fuck him, let him rot in prison.

    Any vague notion of \"street cred\" is a bunch of bullshit. It\'s a glamerous idea, but in reality it doesn\'t exist, anyone who thinks otherwise is brianwashed and naive. I\'ve never ratted somebody out, but I\'ve also never been fucked out of a lot of money.

    It\'s one thing if you rat on your friends, or just to cover your own ass, but if someone rips you off and you submit an anonymous tip I see nothing wrong with that.

    Let the guy rot.

  14. :rolleyes:

    Yea watch out, Neg is on a snitching spree.

    I think the DEA is on the way to your house right now dude, better bounce.
  15. Yeah keep huggin negs nuts. I hope that works out well for you.

  16. I didn\'t know stating my opinion had anything to do with nuts.

    Sorry if I offended you in my previous post, but you\'re being ridiculous and irrational.

    I could give a shit what neg does, he can do what he wants with his life, I\'m standing up for what I believe in. And I believe that you\'re being irrational by assuming that just because of what he did to the person who ripped him off suddenly he is a threat to you and all of us. If he had said he shot the guy would you be afraid he would come to your house with a gun?
  17. Real gangsta, yo. Comin hawd from da streetz. Internet G.

    To the OP: Fuck a hater man, I\'d deliver some asshole to the cops for rippin me off a hundred bucks, fuck two thousand. You did what you had to do, and if that\'s the only thing you felt you could do about it, then at least you\'re happy with your decision.

    Post reported for unnecessary disrespect.

    OH SNAP!

    I\'M A SNITCH!

    STITCHEZ 4 SNITCHEZ lolz! Grow up.
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