Never Thought Id Buy A Toro..

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  1. But i couldnt pass up a toro this cheap..
    Kind creations had it in on repair an the dude never came back an wouldnt return their call.

    Priced at two hundred an in the half off shelf i dont get payed until the 18th so i offered 150 for it and they threw in a slyme bowl for twenty.
    182.change after tax.

    No gridded circ
    Good deal? _
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  2. well considering that it was priced at 200. that's pretty sick. nice bowl too.
  3. Goodfor any toro under 200

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  4. i water tested the same piece at a shop a while back and they were asking like 300 or 350 for it.. you got a good deal haha
  5. Half off if i had cash today ... 100... they say its quality but they dont think much of toro like everybody else

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  6. the fact that it is a repair really reduces the resale value of any piece.  I'd only buy it if i really liked it cause if you don't like it that much....who cares if it's only 100 dollars, you might as well save that 100 for something you really want.  Buying a repair job is like buying toro seconds (the ones with the bandaid logos), good deal if you like the piece but little resale value.
  7. nice a toro in the fam isalways good to have lol.. but y the toro hate lol al of a sudden 
  8. Toro costs top much
    Its a name
    A name of quality but over priced.
    the repairs on the joint an dont plan to sell
    Fact i got a 300(dollar toro retail an only payin 150 pretty cool

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  9. I dunno, I find them similarly priced to other high end glass.  At any rate it's pretty much like any other good.  A sneaker from kmart covers my feet just as well as a pair of nikes but you're gonna pay more. 
    The main thing I like about toro is the flared mouthpiece on the macros and micros.  Really comfortable compared to the small mouthpieces normally found on bubbler sized pieces.
  10. i agree with you.
    what do you think about the craigslist pieces
    I feel like people overprice their pieces on craigslist, but that's why craigslist is great. You are able to negotiate the prices of things and seek a better price. I don't think people who try and sell pipes and bongs on craigslist for hundreds of dollars will succeed, so it's gotta be a buyer's market right?
  12. fo sho, check out links to the phire double chandelier  and the honeycomb to turbine both great prices an lemme know them vs toro
  13. Man, I like most of those pieces, especially at those prices. 
    The first one...electroplated pieces can be serious dough, I think my lhs has a snic/toro electroform but I didn't ask the price, definately over 1k though.  Is that one perc'd?
    I really like the honeycomb reti and that one looks like a nice comfy mouthpiece.  I'd probably get that over the toro  (if the toro was a double perc like circ to 13 it'd be a tough decision for me).  The only one I didn't really like was that honeycomb with the blue tube, not a big fan of large solid colored sections. 
  14. Get the 
    \t14" Inch Honeycomb to Turbine Disc Perclol
  15. Think so? Over the toro?

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  17. Other ones from a glassblower

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  18. I'd get that one then. :)
  19. gotta be honest with you, i'm tempted to call and ask them about this Toro if you're not going to take it..... do they ship?

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