Never thought I soul have lighter problems

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  1. I'm new here so bear with me. I decided to join because I was having problems with the lighters that I bought. I bought originally a scorch torch lighter. It was nice but stopped working in 2 days. I spent about 25 bucks on it so I go back to the store and they told me that they weren't a retailer that bought directly from company. Well I found out that this by itself voided warranty. I decided to try again I bought a higher Quality model and thought that this would be better. It to broke within a couple days. I got online and started to research. got a bunch of information on how to troubleshoot lighters. Took both of them and took them apart and tried to put them back together. Well that was a mistake. I now had a mess of microscopic screws and parts and no pictures or help on putting them back together. Out 70$ but love butane lighters. Any thoughts: what to do with old stuff. What to get next time. Fixing. Dealing with company or store.
  2. Torch lighters run out quick. Get a normal bic.
  3. Yeah I'm really don't need to be that fancy. Friend had one and said it worked better and lasted longer. Wrong. Everything I read says otherwise. Probably need to let it go but out 70$. I'm sure it will pass. Thx
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