never take a cat on a high ride

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Party4e2v0aHard, Apr 9, 2004.

  1. Alright you guys I found this to be one of the best and worst high times my friends and I ever had. We went out and bought an ounce to take with us to a designated stoner spot about an hour and a half from our houses. We pulled over on a block not to far from where we lived to start rollin blunts. Earlier this day we stopped at the store and bought beef jerkey, thats the shit! Anyway we saw this cat walkin around outside so we opened the car door and tryed to lure it to us with jerkey. When it came to the car i grabbed it and we put it in the back seat with my friend Becky. We thought it would be cool to bring the cat with us for a ride so we did. We lit up a fatty and had all the windows shut. Not long after we started realizeing the cat was starting to get a little second hand high in the back. Four blunts later this cat is fuckin baked, so we are drivin with this high cat thats just chillin and meowin none stop in the back seat. Well Im a smoker so we had to air out the car so i could light up a ciggerette, when i went to throw it out the window what do you know it flyes in a car window, with of course an ass hole guy. Hes following us and we are all high and paranoid, but we just decide to stop. I get out of the car, or more like fall out of the car and explain to this guy that it was an accedent and we are trying to get our sick cat to the vet. Luckily the cat looked sick because it was so baked he belived us. We got in our car and laughd for a while, after we stopped laughing we all looked at each other and asked "Where are we going?" We missed our turn and were lost some where. Well what better thing to do in a situation like this then light a blunt so we did. Finally we got to our area and got out of the car. The cat was just chillin so we left it there while we went to smoke. When we got back we realized the little fucker ate what was left of our weed. which was about a quarter of an ounce. we were really pissed so we went to take it back to its house, when we pulled up and opend the door and man came up to us and said "I saw you girls take my cat earlier, where did you go"? Well the car reaked like weed, the cat couldnt walk, so all we could do was laugh, he stood there for a while looking into our red eyes, and when he went to pick up th cat we drove off. I guess im never going to steal a cat again.
  2. That's horrible. If you had done that to any of my cats I would kick you squar' in the nuts.

  3. hehe, SHE has nuts ;p

  4. wow that is pretty fucked up.

  5. Huh. I didn't notice that at all. Well, I guess instead I'd have to kick her in the ovaries.

  6. You remind me of a dumb fuck I used to work with,I personally prefer to torture humans who mistreat animals.
    I should really pity you because it must be difficult living with an IQ that hasn't reached double figures.

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  7. Oh c'mon. It wasn't on purpuse. Still, they should've known kitty had the munchies and would eat anything. But before the weed eating part, I think they didn't do that wrong. Sounds to me like kitty had a good time, meowing on the back seat. I mean...we like bein blazed, maybe kitty likes it, too?
  8. cat

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  9. Oh man, that picture is fuckin funny. The fat cat with the bud light and the remote. haha, that rules.
  10. Why does that pic remind me of my cat...? oh yeah, maybe cause it hogs the armchair and won't let anyone in it while its watching tv...ah well, i got the sofa!
  11. rofl. i hate cats.
  12. What the fuck is your problem? Why do you have to jump down everybody throat for no reason? I found the story hilarious, the cat wasn't harmed in any way, it's not like they beat the fuck out of it, or threw it out of the window while the car was driving.

  13. My problem ??? I don't have any problems because I don't really care what anyone thinks, I find the majority of people to be hardly worth bothering with and therefore don't really worry about anything.

    Some would say I have an attitude problem , but do I give a damn?? Nope not at all.

    Lets say we have different ideas about what constitutes abuse, I have 6 cats who all hang when we are smoking but at all times they are free to go to another room or outside.

    The point is choice or no choice, I would love to see what would happen to a person if you force fed them 5 lbs of baking soda and a couple of liters of vinegar, do you want to volunteer???

  14. the thing doing that, you are doing somethign that could actually hurt a person. the cat wasn't harmed. just a little baked... someone can "torture" me any time by smoking me up.

  15. I've gotta say I side with Mutant Monkey, the whole point is choice. If the cat was free to go at any time then it's all good but it was locked in a car, it had been essentially 'catnapped' which is probably a crime in some country or other. And did anyone stop to think maybe the reason it was yowling in the back was that kitty wanted out?

    Yup. it's choice allright. Now I bet someones going to choose to bitch at me. Just as I choose to believe Mutant Monkey's baking soda/vinegar comment was just to make a point. fire away.
  16. Yup. it's choice allright. Now I bet someones going to choose to bitch at me. Just as I choose to believe Mutant Monkey's baking soda/vinegar comment was just to make a point. fire away.

    The point was one of choice.

    As for what happens when you feed someone that shit, I already know what would happen, I studied chemistry.

    The opportunity to volunteer was extended to show that I would not try it against someones will.
  17. You know whats funny Mutant, ive seen a million people like you, always out to critisize everyone but yourself, and you spend so much time whining about other peoples lifes you dont even stop to realize your life is shit. Make no wonder i have social anxiety, is because whenever someone opens their mouth someone else always has something to bitch about.
  18. it simallar to if you light a candle on a counter, and your cat climbs up to the candle and burns himself but if you take the candle and force him to get burnt that would be turture.

    [edit] but the good part about weed is that it doen't hurt the cat.

  19. I've got some really bad news for you, I have had up to now the most fantastic adventure filled life I could wish for.

    I've flown a light plane,I've smoked pot with some of the coolest people on the planet, I've never had any money worries and I'm reasonably healthy, I have a wonderful girl by my side who is ten years my junior and a beautiful house.
    And most importantly for me , , I am my own boss.
    It doesn't get any better.

    As for your post you really don't make any comment on the original post because you're too busy bitching about my response, get a life man.

    The whole point of forums is to discuss differing viewpoints and put forward your own take on the subject,you have done nothing except spout garbage in my opinion and in so doing have produced not one iota or sign of intelligent argument.

    Try again with a little more effort, I am not impressed.
  20. [edit] but the good part about weed is that it doen't hurt the cat.

    I'm not so sure about that but it still comes down to free will,like I said I have 6 cats but only two of them will hang around in the room we smoke in.
    If it gets too smokey though then they all piss off out of it.

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