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Never smoked with a group before - will it be awkward?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ilovebagels, May 16, 2010.

  1. I only started smoking recently, and I've always done it alone. Two guys from my school who are my age invited me to smoke with them and I'm hesitant. They're not really my type of people, kind of rude, inappropriate, and mean, and we probably won't have much to talk about. I still think I'm going to do it, but will it be awkward or once we get high will the weed just fix it all?
  2. Na it will be fun, but if they are really assholes and bag on you dip outta there.
  3. Do it. Maybe you'll find that they're actually good people.
  4. It might be awkward at first, but smoke a bowl and you guys will probably all end up talking about something everyone can talk to, if it doesn't change, just dip and say you have to be some where.
  5. I tend to be the type of person who is considered kind of rude, inappropriate and mean and I smoke with a bunch of guys like you, the weed should do the trick and if not just be chill.
  6. ya go for it. just remember dont hog the bowl and dont try and impress people by taking big hits or smoking alot if your to high your to high dont keep smoking just becuase they are.
  7. Just dont act like a heatbag and dont let them pressure you into doing stupid shit.
  8. no man ive smoked with like 8 people it isnt awkward man idk why that would seem awkward.

  9. Yes it will.
  10. Well since they are *not your type of people* I can't be certain but I would have to say you will enjoy it. Marijuana was meant to be enjoyed as a social thing I think..its nice to smoke to the head but you can always have a better time smoking with friends. Since they are not friends I can't tell you tho
  11. I love smoking with friends, beginners, and nice people. If I feel uncomfortable around a person when sober, and I hang with their friends it will be a buzz kill. If I feel uncomfortable with a person, and they smoke with my friends, its all good.
  12. You'll be fine, just don't overdo it. It can be a wonderful social activity.
  13. They must be pretty chill if they invited you to come and smoke a bowl with them. Once you are high everything should be fine, just enjoy yourself.
  14. Unless they really plan on getting him so baked he passes out then they sell him to a gay Saudi Prince then he wakes up wearing a slavegirl outfit in a harem room.

    I'm just sayin'.

    Just kidding. That hardly ever happens.
  15. question..who is supplying the herb??:confused:
  16. Talk about common things (sports, video games) and you'll be friends pretty soon as long as they aren't real d-bags.

  17. hahahaha as if it happens every once in awhile. some dudes go around gettin you to pass out becaue they smoke you up so much then go sell your ass to a gay saudi prince haha
  18. That happened to you too? Those sons of bitches.
  19. Actually I woke up wearing a dress in a Mexican brothel, but same idea :(
  20. If you don't know them and they seem like dicks and they want you to bring the weed, it's probably more of a using-you situation than a smoking-with-you situation.

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