never smoked up before

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  1. hey GC members im just looking for sum advice for my first time smoking up. my girl wants me to smoke up with her for my first time and its kind of our first date so im a little worried ill do sumpthing stupid. any suggestions for food and stuff i should have at home cuz i dont wanna drive as soon as i hit that j.
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    Ice tea is the best for when your mouth dries out I can tell you that much
  3. Have lots of junk food available to mow on. :)
  4. If you're anything like me, you will laugh your ass off at anything and everything you see, hear, say, do. You wont have anyself control. But thats just if you get high. And for munchies, i dig banana pudding ice cream. And sweet tea. Good luck and smoke on.
  5. Just grab whatever snack and drinks you normally enjoy man. Smoking doesn't always make people like weird shit. I don't really get " munchies" like a lot of people say they do. Sometimes I think "munchies" are as much a psychosomatic response as the are a side effect.

    Most people that I've seen that smoke and then do stupid shit probably would have done the same thing sober. Cannabis doesn't make you go out of your mind, but it gives some people a good excuse.
  6. thanks for the advice and ya i know about the people doing stupid shit thats in their nature they just let it control them high and i just found out today my mom wants to smoke with me oone of these days she found my stash lol what ever at least im not in trouble
  7. ya shes really stupid though she might get annoying a little bit lol but she knows her way around a pole though ;) so idk
  8. I recall my first time I didn't get high.. But I sure did get hungry :)
  9. laugh and have a good time. if/when you do something stupid don't sweet it, she'll probably think its cute.

    get a couple 40oz to drink L0L
  10. ive got smirnoff and spiced rum lol i dont drink beer and ya ill probably make a fool of myself but idc as long as shes their and we having fun

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