Never Smoked, Sad

Discussion in 'General' started by xxkmanxx, Mar 20, 2002.

  1. i never smoked weed, it sux, i cant get any, where i live now sux, cause i dont have any friends and stuff, if i dont get any soon im gonna go crazy :) u guys think i could go out some day, ask people for weed, and get some ?
  2. just go to a place where kids(kids yur age not lil kids hehe) and ask politely if they have any bud theyd sell...
  3. u think i could go out and asking people for bud? like people that look like they smoke?
  4. i notice that most school has a group known as the 'smokers'...they usually smokle cigarettes or summin...just start hangin out wit them for a bit, even if u dont smoke tobacco, then someone is bound to start a session, put 5 on it and your in.

    if they ask u to comment on the weed never say its good or that its crap...just say its aight, or its ok...that way u wont look stupid
  5. dont be shy if you think some of the people arownd you are into it jest ask tell them your into it if they toke thell hook you up or at least point you in the right direction

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