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Never smoked. Need help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Chups01098, May 8, 2011.

  1. So i just got some quality herb from a co worker. I have studied enough to confirm this is good stuff.

    I've never smoked before.

    I thought I would make a little one hitter to start small. I created it from empty pen and a socket thing.

    When I lit/inhaled, it burned like a mofo. I did it a couple of times and got kinda high, but it still burned insane!

    Any ideas?
  2. Virgin lungs, it wont burn as much after a few days of toking.
  3. learn to roll / buy pre rolled cones from a shop

    buy a proper piece

    you will get higher
  4. try not to use plastic, for health reasons.

    roll it in a joint man. go outside and smoke it. it doesn't need to be a huge joint. youtube how to roll one. Take a hit, inhale it into your lungs, and hold it for a few seconds, and exhale. You should notice yourself getting higher with more and more hits.
  5. This

    Try taking smaller hits your first times, and don't be afraid to cough. We all do.

    Welcome to the world of smoking by the way :smoke: :smoke: :smoke:
  6. If u HAVE to smoke out of something homemade I recommend a plastic bottle bubbler
  7. It took me at least a few times before I got at all used to smoking, it feels really crazy those first couple of hits in your lifetime. That goes away fairly quickly though, just take small hits if you need to, it won't take much if you inhale it into your lungs properly to get you baked. Took me a few times trying to get high before I really got HIGH, so don't be discouraged. Have fun :smoke:
  8. turn 18 and buy papers or a real pipe
  9. yea man no plastic if its avoidable in any way..but i started about a week ago and my throat gets the most burn when i hit a joint and my lungs just feel full..of smoke. lol.

    but youll get used to it mann

  10. I am 18...

    Any less smelly methods? Crazy roommate doesn't approve.

    So its just virgin lungs? Awesome. You guys are chill
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    This is how I got high by myself for the first time, also the first song/video I watched :) It brings back memories of sneaking hits in my moms basement, haha. But I like the song in the video and the tutorial taught me well :smoke: Hope it helps you out!

    [ame=]YouTube - How to make a bong[/ame]

    Note: You don't HAVE to use a tin can cone piece, you can use regular foil as well.

    Welcome to the City by the way, and welcome to the world of cannabis! :wave:
  12. Smoke with some head phones on to.:wave: enjoy

  13. Virgin lungs is probably most of it, but that pen can't be good for you either.

    Roommate doesn't approve? Make a sploof!

    Take an empty toilet paper roll, stuff some dryer sheets in there, and exhale the smoke through the roll, this will do a great job of masking the smell! Spray some Febreeze afterwards for best results :hello:
  14. Make a tinfoil pipe, all you need is tinfoil and a pen. Google how to, its the most basic kind of pipe you can make if you dont have one.

    Break the bud apart, and inhale fully and hodl it in for at least a few seconds even if it hurts. If you don't hold it in the bud wont be absorbed into your lungs as good, dont immediately exhale you need to hold in the smoke for at least like 3 seconds.
  15. well you used plastic and maybe rusty metal socket. No wonder you dieing from inhaling the fumes. go to a headshop pick out a pipe dont hesitate or they will know your underage aswell dont take to long to think. This is why being of age rules.

  16. yea man your good, just stay away from plastic :bongin:
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    Use a sploof. A piece would be less smelly than a joint, and agreed about the plastic. Even a soda can pipe would be better than that, IMO.
  18. You'll be gravy if you listen to this man:bongin:
  19. Incense is good too, by the way.

  20. I didn't think of that. Ive been burning incense for months anyway cause it smells good. ill smoke, use spliff, light incense, close door, and leave.

    Sound good?

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