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never smoked before

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by damessor, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Im going to be smoking up for my first time (herb that is, i smoke cigarettes regularly) with my girl and its kind of a first real date. well anyways i was looking for sum advice on what i should do like what should i have for food cuz i dont wanna drive anywhere after wards and like should i get sum dank shit or what price really isnt an object just dont know what grade i should get or how much. any advice would be appreciated i dont wanna appear like a punk in front of her.
  2. Do you have something to smoke it out of? And go for the good shit. A gram of some dank weed should run you about 20$. 1 gram should be enough to get you both pretty baked.
  3. Is it her first time as well and if not you might want to explain that you don't smoke regularly tbh a first dat is not the ideal time to smoke for the first time you might wanna toke a few days before the date so you at least get the feel for it.
  4. do not start unless you're sure you'll have a consistent weed dealer for the rest of your life
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    Idk if this is a good first date really but do as you see fit. Anyways...
    Go for the dank and have some nice food there to cook for the both of you. Like steak or something fancy since it is a date. No chip munching this time man. Haha.
  6. first date first smoke is not the best idea. either or both my get uncomfortably high, it happens all the time to new smokers and occassionaly to the seasoned toker. i think if you were to smoke, don't smoke more than half a gram combined of some dank. that'll be enough to get very high and enjoyable, anymore and you run the risk of a bad high, IMO. If you have a pipe, use it. If you don't, roll .5 gram joint. or use an apple! i did it once, real cool. poke holes in the top for air circulation, poke an inhale hole and a carb hole and smoke. that could be a good move with the chick, just sayin
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    Get 1 gram of dank.

    Either try to roll 2 .5 gram joints (practice, practice, practice) or if you don't want to try rolling yet buy a cheap bowl for like $10-$15 at a headshop.

    I say 2 joints because since I assume you both have no tolerance, 1 joint may be enough to have you feeling great. You can then save the second joint for another time, or smoke it on top of the other one. But be warned, you may get too high your first time, depending on the amount. This may cause; rapid heartbeat (very common, don't worry about it), paranoia, anxiety, possible nausea. But all of these will pass and you will be flying afterwards.
  8. The first time i smoked I had like 2g for 4 people which was wayy too much.. I'd recommend .5 of some mids to good stuff.. If she's smoked before get a bit more, or just ask how much she thinks is good, goodluck man, let us know how it works out!
  9. Yea i only took 5 hits the first time and I was really really fukin high, I cant even imagine being on a date that high so i wouldnt recomend it

  10. what? why would he need to do that.
  11. "my girl" and "kind of a real first date?" what have you just been fucking for a few weeks?
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    Just buy a gram, should cost you 10-20 depending on quality, and your area. But it's really up to the dealer. You got papers? Or atleast something to smoke out of? (Pipe/Bong) If you don't have either, you can make a homemade apple pipe or a lung out of a 2L bottle. I could drop some instructions, but you could google it for sure.

    As for food, get whatever you like eating sober. Try to mix the flavours though, something sweet, something sour. I'm a big fan of cheeseburger doritos!

    Don't be afraid of being a noob though. We we're all noobs once, and smoking weed is a great venture to go on with your special someone. Other then that, enjoy.
  13. Get some coffee :) I love drinking coffee while toking. If it's warm it'll calm your throat down so you dont cough like crazy in front of her and if you put sugar in it it'll tame down the munchies so you dont pig out in front of her either haha
  14. Are you going out for you "first date"? or is it like an - at home thing?

    If it's at home, Get a gram of mids or dank and roll a 0.5-1.0 joint. Make sure you have something to do, maybe put on a movie and snuggle ;) ...that's a good time. If you smoke too much you'll might trip (have food, drinks and something to do like tv or movie and you will be fine! You'll have a great time don't worry!

    If it's going out then maybe smoke after you come home with your girl?
  15. shes a seasoned smoker she bein smoking since like 15 and shes almost 18 now so ya. but ya its technically our first real date but ive gone on walks and stuff with her before so we know each other and ya ive got steaks and stuff i can cook up for the night i live in the country so i dont have any worries of cops or anything, and ya the farm down the road about a mile has a grow op in their barn and i know a couple dealers i wanted to try weed for my bi-polar so i dont have to take pills hope it helps :)
  16. ya she wants too :p she wants to see if i can handle being high before we get serious for sum reason whatever idc im cool with it and thanks for all the advice
  17. She's testing you? lololololololol, talk about role reversal. Good luck man, getting high rocks, but If I was a gambling man, I bet she never forgets the time you first got high with her and was a total foolio. Not hatin, my first time high with my girl (she doesn't smoke, just me) she was kissing all up on me on the bed...but cooking channel was on...then espn. I was so not interested in the lay. Then I turned the tv off and banged for 3 hours, was almost late for work, hopped of the bed, got dressed and went to work. Felt like I just banged a broad and dipped lmfao. Cannabis ftw
  18. Because fiendin isn't a good place to be in
  19. I tell people I've never smoked before so they smoke me out...

    Then the next time i see them I tell them it's my b-day :)
  20. lol talk about leeaching weed lol i dont blame you moneys hard to cum buy and ya she just paid like 80 for a 1/4 so its dank shit she got lol im gunna have sum funn

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