never shopped online b4.advice please?

Discussion in 'General' started by pavlakos, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. ive been a member of the city for a few months now and just looking at some amazing glass pieces.i decided to buy one, but i dont have a credit or debit card. thankfully they accept money order, but they dont give directions for the money order until you have ordered it. thing is, i dont have the funds currently and want the info about how to send a money order, and if anyone has any idea weather the piece will get through nyc customs or not. also anyone have any experience with pieces from gc's shop? feedback very much appreciated.
  2. bump*(need info,plz)
  3. Well I think you can either put cash in the envolope after printing out the invoice or you can go to the post office and get a money order which is like a check any one over 18 can get so you give the post office the money and they give you that and you send that afer you fill it out with the invoice to grass city hope that helps you out
  4. okay,thanks alot.hope it gets through customs,lol.
  5. i was in the same situation you were in a couple months ago, and i have a little secret for you. go to a local grocery store like safeway giant ect. and at those stores you can buy a reloadable credit card. so all you have to do is put the right amount of money you want to spend on the credit card. it takes up alot less time then a money order and it can be completely anomyous. i hope this helped and good luck with buying youre first online item :)
  6. those don't work with grasscity is what I have read in the feedback section
  7. hah i clicked the order button awhile ago by mistake so i know exactly how it goes down. They tell you to print the receipt whatever you ordered thing and put it in an envolope with the money,and dude don't worry if it doesn't have any resin on it customs in our great state can't do ISH.

    hope that helps.:wave:
  8. alright cool,thx for the info? but i still wanna know if gc pieces are any good.any1 ever used 1?

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