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  1. ok so i am growing two strains of silver haze and i am using a spectre LED 180 for my entire grow. for some reason my babies first set of leaves are starting to curl upward with the tips pointing up towards the light and are yellowing just a little bit. there about 1.5 weeks old and i have been using a humidity dome but removed it about 4 days ago after i transplanted my grodan babie's cubes into FFOF. My leaves are still pretty green and they look alright, i just dont know why this little problem could have happened. i have been feeding with water and a little bit of big bloom. My ph has been at 6.5 whenever i feed. Is this a problem that my plants will just grow out of? maybe the high powered LED was too much for seedlings? and advice is appreciated.

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  2. The leaf tips look quite burnt.
    Maybe its too intense.

    It is probably also too early to be
    feeding nutes, combined with the
    very rich FFOF soil.

  3. i was just thinking the same thing. thank you. im going to restart. ive got about 100 silver haze seeds from my last grow :)
  4. Yeah, it sounds like you got some burn going on.

    I think you need ot start out with 25% less nutes than you might have used before. That will help you avoid the burn, while still giving your plants the nutrients they need to grow big and strong. LOLOL

    I woulda flushed before I started over, but taht's just me.

    As for LED, the light is strong, especially for the little plants, but I think you need to remember that seedlings are just sensitive in general.

    You have to watch those little guys to make sure they get just enough - not too much of anything
  5. yes very true. their sensitive to anything really, but once you get past that point and they start vegin then ur cookin :) Here are some pics. its been about a week and there looking way better now that i got some personal fans to blow the hot air up while pretty much keeping the door open at all times. Doing a bit of LST as well. My previous topping has opened up 4 new healthy growths in the middle. Can't to see how she turns out! Babies are coming in better too with the lower temps. Not pointing upwards at all, flatter and very green:) Theres also a pic of my entire setup so you can see how far away my LED is from my plants. Any more advice, throw it at me!:wave:

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  6. the reason the plants tops are shooting straight up is because the roots are growing straight down not getting root-bound.
  7. that silver haze is lookin awesome!! i like the pipe cleaner idea. (literally said "wow" even though there's no one around to hear it). i have those exact same fans in my grow room. not too shabby for their size and price, eh?? (im not canadian btw.... just a little high) :O anywho, i dont know anything about LEDs but ur plants are lookin great. keep at it and good luck. toke on
  8. doobiesnack that makes a lot of sense. word
  9. Looking good, new to the site, how do I post a thread? It doesn't have it " new thread" does it take time?
  10. either post a reply or go to the section you wanna post in. You cant start a new thread inside someone else's thread :smoke:

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